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However, the matter was far from over.

Madam Lu asked Feng Ze out again.

Because Madam Lus mood had improved and her body was fine, Lu Weijian no longer followed her everywhere.

Moreover, Madam Lu had made an appointment to meet Feng Ze.

She did not inform anyone and went behind Lu Hetings and Lu Weijians backs.

Feng Ze had accepted the invitation.

He had a faint smile on his face.

He was still as cold and polite as before.

When he saw Madam Lu, he greeted, “Aunt Qing.”

It felt as though his hatred was from the previous century and the two of them were good friends.

“Feng Ze, Ive thought it through.

I was the one who did it.

Ill bear the responsibility alone.

Ill go to the police station and surrender myself to confess my mistake.

As for you, now that youve taken revenge, dont look for trouble with Lu Heting anymore.” Madam Lu carried her bag on her wrist and looked quite magnanimous.

During the few days when Madam Lu was in the hospital, those memories surged into her mind and haunted her.

Although it was difficult for her to remember what she had done and there was no reason for her to do those things, she could not lie to herself.

This video had touched the depths of her heart too deeply, making her unable to calm down.

It was not until she thought it through and realized that she should take responsibility that she calmed down.

“So” Feng Ze asked lightly, his smile widening.

“Ill bear the legal responsibility.

Heting will also be criticized for having a murderer as his mother, and Lu Group will be greatly affected.

What you want will be fulfilled.”

Feng Ze nodded lightly.

“Youre right.

However, this is too simple.”

“Ill receive the punishment I deserve.

Ill spend the rest of my life in prison.

Isnt that enough” Moreover, she would lose all her dignity and reputation.

To a rich woman, Madam Lus actions meant that she would lose everything.

This was worse than killing her.

She was used to being high and mighty.

Lu Group had always been the best.

When the time came, many people would laugh at her.

She would forever live in the whispers of everyone.

This was the worst punishment.

Feng Ze chuckled.

“Thats right.

If youre left without your reputation and status, its indeed not enough for you to be criticized.

Its Lu Heting, Su Bei, Da Bao, and Gun Gun wholl be taking the blame for you, not you yourself.

“Youll live a carefree life in prison.

You can stay in a single room and get all the satisfaction you want.

Apart from not being able to come out, everything about your life wont be much different from when you were the high and mighty Madam Lu.

“Youll live a very carefree life and be especially calm.

Youll think that youve shouldered all the responsibility and that youre so great, so you can let yourself sleep peacefully.

Just because youre being punished by the law, youll think that you wont have to feel guilty or repent.

Youll even be touched by your own actions.

Do you still hope for me to forgive you”

His voice mimicked Madam Lus tone perfectly.

When Madam Lu heard this, she knew that he was right.

If she turned herself in, she would be able to seek relief and salvation.

She would not have to suffer from nightmares.

However, what else could she do

Madam Lus choice was the best she could think of.

“Then what do you want me to do Apologize with my life” Madam Lu asked!

Even if she turned herself in, she had to wait for the police to verify the truth.

Was Feng Ze going to sentence her to death now

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