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“Brother.” Lu Weijian tilted his head to look at Lu Heting.

“Grandpa and Grandma came too, but Moms condition isnt good.”

Lu Heting strode over.

When Madam Lu saw her son, she looked even more panicked.

“Heting, it wasnt me.”

“Im investigating,” Lu Heting said in a low voice.

“Rest well.”

Hearing Lu Hetings words, Madam Lus expression finally calmed down a little.

However, Lu Hetings words were too rational.

He had to investigate it before she believed him.

Madam Lu broke down even more.

She knew that it was Lu Hetings usual way of doing things, but she was still upset.

Madam Lu also knew in her heart that because of Su Bei, her relationship with her son could not be resolved anytime soon.

This matter had nothing to do with Su Bei.

Feng Zes true hatred was directed at her.

She was the culprit behind the current crisis.

“Weijian, take good care of Mom,” Lu Heting said.

Madam Lus mind went from clear to a little blank.

She said, “It wasnt me…”

Her thoughts were sometimes clear and sometimes not.

After Su Beis condition improved, she returned to the production team.

That child had been receiving treatment.

It was said that Wang Juntang had already come up with a detailed plan.

He could undergo surgery when his body was suitable.

She met Qiao Mei at Di Xing Media Company.

Qiao Mei smiled and said, “Why dont you rest for a few more days Even Director He isnt rushing you.”

“Ive rested well.

Its about time I come back.”

“Su Bei, you shouldve released the news.

It wouldve benefited your image a lot, but Manager Li refused.

I heard it was your idea”

Su Bei was slightly stunned and knew that this was Lu Hetings idea.

She understood Lu Hetings meaning too.

A good person could not build themselves a good image.

After setting up a good image, ones morals would be judged by everyone at any time.

Everyone would be demanding.

It was better not to make oneself out to be a good person.

Of course, Qiao Meis idea was not wrong either.

It was just that Qiao Meis idea valued short-term effects.

Lu Heting valued Su Beis life.

“Its my idea.

I just want to keep a low profile and continue filming.

Moreover, that childs condition isnt good.

If news gets out, many people might disturb him.

It wont be good for him when hes trying to recuperate.”

Qiao Mei agreed.

“Alright, Ill suppress this matter.

Continue filming.”

Su Bei smiled brightly.

She silently processed her emotions, and everything returned to normal.

She did not want her bad mood to spread.

Moreover, the theme of Boxer was to show ones courage and fearlessness.

In the next few days, the situation began to return to normal.

Madam Lus health had recovered a little.

She had recovered from her breakdown and was clear-headed at times.

She had light makeup on, and her hair was tied up.

The effects of the breakdown from a few days ago could no longer be seen on her slightly haggard face.

Lu Heting also achieved a preliminary victory in his counterattack against Feng Ze.

His businesses broke through Feng Zes suppression and made progress in various fields and countries, but he had yet to achieve an overwhelming victory.

Su Beis filming progressed quite quickly.

He Xuyan was still sizing her up with his dark eyes and a condescending expression.

His harshness did not change, but when Su Bei spoke to him, he would get a little emotional.

He no longer tilted his head and looked as though he was confronting a stranger.

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