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“How is he now” Su Bei asked.

Gu Xifeng said, “His main personality has always been able to control his body, but its hard to say.

Do you remember that in the past, every time he came to look for you, he would be inexplicably injured Previously, I thought that he was injured by someone because those wounds were too strange.

It was impossible for him to have injured himself.

“Now, I know that its probably because some of his personalities like you, while others stop him from looking for you.

Thats why his body is injured from repeated struggles.

“Thats also probably why he let you get snatched away by others even after knowing you for so long.”

When Gu Xifeng said this, he did feel a little regretful.

Everyone liked Su Bei.

Who did not want to see Feng Ze and Su Bei together If that happened, they would not have to stay away from anyone, nor did they have to get involved in the battles involving Lu Group.

However, Feng Ze could not get her.

Everyone could only wish Su Bei and Lu Heting well.

Now that he thought about it, he realized that Feng Ze had ruined his own chance.

“So now, its his main personality that wants revenge” Lu Heting asked bluntly.

“Yes,” Gu Xifeng said.

This was also the most difficult part of it all.

The hatred his main personality possessed had already reached its peak and was very difficult to eliminate.

Moreover, it was not certain that his other personalities did not carry the same hatred.

They might be even wilder.

After all, Gu Xifeng only knew about his main personality and did not know much about his other personalities.

According to Gu Xifengs investigation and understanding, Madam Lu had probably really done such a thing.

He looked at Lu Heting.

“Feng Zes memory has always been surprisingly good.

He can completely replicate the scenes he has seen with his brush strokes.

Itll be no different from what you see in surveillance footage.

Therefore, its hard for me to believe that he made the video with just his imagination…”

“But that cant be used as evidence,” Lu Heting said.

Lu Heting could not convict his mother with just this video.

Gu Xifeng could understand his feelings and said, “Go ahead and investigate.

Ill try my best to persuade Feng Ze.”

Even if it were not for Su Bei, Gu Xifeng had never liked to see Feng Zes arrogant demeanor in doing business and bloodthirsty behavior.

It was probably because he was a kind doctor, so Gu Xifeng had always respected life.

After Gu Xifeng left, Lu Hetings mood darkened.

Su Beis mood was a little messed up by this matter even though what Gu Xifeng said made sense.

It was difficult for ordinary people to distinguish a persons illness, let alone such a complicated psychological illness.

However, she still felt that she had made too many mistakes and should have done better.

Madam Lu was not doing well.

Lu Weijian was guarding her.

Lu Heting took the time to go over again.

However, when they reached the door of the ward, Lu Heting still could not bear to let her go over.

He asked her to wait outside first.

When Lu Heting walked in, the usually graceful and exquisite Madam Lus face was sallow.

Her hair was disheveled as she muttered, “It wasnt me, it wasnt me.

I didnt…”

“Its okay, Mom.

Its okay.

Its not you.

We all know its not you.” Lu Weijian was comforting her.

Madam Lu only shook her head and did not listen to Lu Weijians persuasion at all.

She looked confused and grabbed Lu Weijians hand tightly.

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