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Gu Xifeng seemed to not know how to define whether it was serious or not.

He hesitated for a moment before saying, “He has multiple personalities.

As for how many he has, I and the other doctors have yet to come to a conclusion.”

Su Beis mouth fell open slightly.

She was indeed surprised by this.

Having multiple personalities was a psychological disorder.

It was a disease where there were personality characteristics of two or morecharacters.

These differentcharacters each had their own habits, way of thinking, living environment, and understanding of themselves.

They would take turns to dominate a persons actions.

It was as if there were several souls in the same body.

The emergence of multiple personalities was mostly related to the abuse the person suffered when they were young.

Thinking of the video that Lu Heting had mentioned previously, Feng Zes parents were killed in front of him.

He had experienced a huge trauma, so he had multiple personalities.

At the thought of this, Su Beis heart ached.

She had actually sensed the difference in Feng Ze a long time ago, but because of her fear, she never thought about the reason.

Instead, she kept avoiding Feng Ze and never thought of helping him.

Lu Heting never expected such an outcome.

He looked up at Gu Xifeng seriously.

Gu Xifeng continued, “As far as we know, he has a very cute but autistic personality, a cold-blooded killer personality, and the other is a capable businessman.

We cant confirm the rest for now.”

Su Bei recalled the time she bumped into him in the parking lot.

He did look very cute and gentle.

He was as harmless as a child.

At that time, Su Bei was especially terrified.

However, she did not expect that he was just one of Feng Zes multiple personalities.

“Little Fifth Sister, you should have some impression of this, right” Gu Xifeng asked Su Bei.

Su Bei could indeed make the connection.

Sometimes, when Feng Ze was quiet, he was especially clear and calm.

He would often remain silent and sit alone.

It was as if the entire world had nothing to do with him.

The reason why the people from the underworld were afraid of him was probably that his bloodthirsty side was always displayed in front of those people.

As for earning money… The Feng Ze that Su Bei knew had always invested in everything to earn money.

There was no doubt about that.

Lu Heting remembered the time when he saved Su Bei at the border.

Those thugs who lived outside the law werent even afraid of the police.

However, when they saw Feng Zes face, they all avoided him.

“Im sorry,” Su Bei said in a low voice.

“If I had realized that he had such a problem earlier, I would have told you earlier…”

She recalled that time when Feng Ze had forcefully kissed her.

Just because of that, she had developed a terrifying prejudice against him and refused to have any more contact with him.

She would always avoid him.

At that time, he must have been taken over by another personality, right

She was too careless and immediately made a verdict.

Otherwise, his illness would definitely have been discovered earlier.

“You dont have to apologize.

I didnt come to look for you to have you apologize.

Moreover, ordinary people wont understand this kind of illness, so they wont easily associate it with that.

Even I was suspicious for a long time before I started to look into his situation.”

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