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Lu Heting pinched his eyebrows.

“Thats why we still have to investigate.”

He had already arranged for someone to investigate.

There were very few clues left behind from what had happened 20 years ago.

At that time, surveillance cameras were not popular.

Moreover, Feng Zes parents had both passed away.

“Whats there to investigate Mom wouldnt have done such a thing!”

Lu Heting said calmly, “Only by investigating can you clear her name and what you want can be realized.”

Lu Weijian was speechless.

He admitted that his brothers words made sense, but he couldnt get over it.

Apart from his brother, Madam Lu was the closest person to him.

How could he believe that she had done such a thing

He said, “She had no reason to do that.”

Lu Heting did not say anything else.

He could only believe in the evidence.

He had always done things based on reason, not emotion.

It was because feelings could not solve these problems.

Lu Weijian knew that he could not persuade his brother, so he turned around and left.

Lu Heting put his hands on Su Beis shoulders.

“Dont be affected by Lu Weijian.

Dont make yourself suffer.”

He was referring to the matter of her forgiving Madam Lu.

“Okay.” Su Bei nodded lightly.

She had nothing else to say.

It had rained last night.

The air was very fresh.

Someone had mowed the lawn outside the window, and the air was filled with the unique fragrance of grass.

There were still water droplets on the leaves.

The sun was shining brightly in the sky, bringing with it the heat of noon.

Then, Gu Xifeng walked into the hospital.

When Su Bei saw him, her expression became a little brighter.

“Third Brother! I havent seen you in a long time.

What are you busy with”

Gu Xifeng knocked on her forehead.

“Are you feeling better”

“Its not a big deal,” Su Bei said with a smile.

“What are you talking about Why would you have fainted if you were fine.” Gu Xifeng pouted.

Su Bei thought that he was just here to visit her and it was not convenient for him to disturb Lu Hetings work.

She said to Gu Xifeng, “Why dont we talk outside”

Seeing that she was protecting Lu Heting, Gu Xifeng could not help but shake his head.

He pursed his lips and said, “Im actually here to talk to the two of you.

Theres something I need to tell you.”

Lu Heting, who was sitting amidst the pile of documents, looked up when he heard that.

He knew that Gu Xifeng had something important to say.

Although this man looked very calm, the glint in his eyes proved that what he wanted to say was very important.

Lu Heting pointed at the chair in front of him and gestured for him to sit down.

Su Bei also found a seat and sat down.

The sunlight outside the window was dazzling.

Gu Xifeng said, “Feng Ze is sick.

I didnt dare to confirm it before, but now, I can make a judgment.”

Su Bei knew him very well.

When he was speaking, he would subconsciously touch his fingers.

At this moment, he was continuously touching his fingers.

It seemed that Feng Zes illness was very serious.

Although Su Bei had not accepted Feng Zes pursuit, it did not mean that she had no feelings for him at all.

It was an indescribable feeling, similar to the feelings between relatives.

“Whats wrong with him How serious is it” Su Bei asked subconsciously.

After asking, she seemed to feel Lu Hetings gaze on her.

She tilted her head to look at him and reached her hand out to him.

Lu Heting held the womans hand.

His heart trembled slightly before calming down.

The little bit of jealousy also dissipated as he held her hand.

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