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Su Bei really did not know about this.

Few people in the outside world dared to spread the news about the Lu family, and Su Bei had not heard much about the family.

However, when she thought about how some rich second-generation heirs secretly looked down on Lu Weijian, she began to understand a little.

Some people who knew about Lu Weijians background did not respect him as much as they did Lu Heting.

Lu Weijian continued, “Ill be straightforward.

When my biological mother was pregnant with me, she was supposed to marry my biological father.

However, my biological father had an affair with an artiste before he got married.

That artiste happened to be a model and an actress.

After my biological mother married him, she found out about this.

When she was about to give birth to me, that woman also gave birth to a son.

When Lu Weijian, who was usually carefree, said this, his tone could not help but become a little gloomy.

“Because of this, my biological mother suffered a huge blow to her body and mind.

When she gave birth to me, she lost a lot of blood.

Although she was saved, her body was in a terrible state after that and she broke down.

How could I watch my biological mother suffer with me She fought with my biological father for custody and brought me back to the Lu family to raise me as a child of the Lu family.”

Su Bei couldnt help but pity Lu Weijian.

However, she knew that he did not need sympathy.

He usually lived a carefree life.

Lu Weijian had already mustered a lot of courage to reveal what he did not want to mention in front of her.

“I was raised by my current mother.

Thats why she has always hated celebrities, especially models.

Its very normal.

However, I also know that shes being narrow-minded.

Ive corrected her countless times, but she cant change her mindset.

But no matter what, its wrong of her to hate you.

Shes taking her anger out on you, so I have to apologize to you.”

His words were sincere.

Su Bei understood that he really shared a mother-son relationship with Madam Lu.

He was even willing to bear all this for her.

How could Su Bei blame him

However, the matter had nothing to do with him, so Su Bei could not forgive him.

Lu Heting could tell that Su Bei was put in a difficult position.

This was also the reason why he had never mentioned this to her.

Could it be that because their mother had difficulties and preferences, they had to force Su Bei to be understanding What had Su Bei done wrong

Hence, when he saw Lu Weijian standing in front of him, he was a little angry.

Lu Weijian was facing death with equanimity and was prepared to be kicked by his brother.

He also knew that he had made things difficult for his sister-in-law, but his mothers health was so bad now.

If he did not take on this responsibility, would his mother be forced to take it

After he joined the Lu family, Madam Lu had always treated him as her biological son.

Her feelings for him were no different from her feelings for Lu Heting.

Lu Weijian had always been very grateful to her.

He wanted to work hard to resolve everyones conflicts.

Lu Heting did not kick Lu Weijian and just said, “Go back and look after Mom.”

Lu Weijian looked up at him.

“Brother, do you believe that Mom did it”

Lu Heting did not answer.

No answer was an affirmative answer.

There was another reason why Lu Heting could not explain it.

After all, watching the video had caused his mothers mental state to collapse.

He knew his mother well.

No matter how many things she had done, none of them had affected her.

Hence, her reaction this time was suspicious.

Could it really be the truth…

“Brother, Mom wouldnt have done such a thing!” Lu Weijian shouted.

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