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Chapter 105: Chapter105 A Huge Amount of Compensation

“A scratch about the size of a fingernail” Xu Meiqi asked angrily.

Before she drove her car towards Su Beis just now, she calculated the angle and the timing of the collision because she wanted to severely hit Su Beis car.

But much to her surprise, Su Beis car was almost unscathed.

What made her angrier was that when the staff checked Su Beis car, they all had a distressed look on their faces.

They were professionals, and they saw the extraordinary features of the car.

Most men loved cars, next to their wives or girlfriends.

Seeing such a great car suffered a small scratch, they couldnt help showing a look of pity on their faces.

Xu Meiqi snorted coldly.

Was it necessary to feel sorry for a car

In the end, Xu Meiqis car was directly towed to the repair shop.

The bumper of Su Beis car needed to be repainted.

With her handbag in her hand, Xu Meiqi went to meet Su Huixian and Luo Lili, who were having coffee in a cafe nearby.

“Are you sure that Su Beis car was only slightly damaged” Su Huixian asked in disbelief.

She knew that the collision between the two cars just now wasnt that simple.

It created such a loud noise that even if she was standing inside the shop, she was stunned.

“Yes, Im sure,” Xu Meiqi confirmed, still a little annoyed.

Su Huixian was actually nursing a grievance about not having that car.

She took a fancy to it.

But she didnt expect that it would fall on Su Beis hands.

However, she didnt want to look very mean, so she just said, “Forget it.

Let it be.

Just leave everything to the insurance company.”

Xu Meiqi had no other choice.

Fortunately, she had bought expensive liability insurance.

She believed that it was enough to deal with this matter.

She was about to drink her coffee when her phone rang.

Seeing that it was from the insurance company, she casually answered it.

The staff must have computed the total amount of the repair cost already.

“Two million eight hundred thousand yuan Why is it so high I have to pay the whole amount But why Why” Xu Meiqi was already yelling at the person on the other end of the line.

“The bumper of Miss Sus car is original from the manufacturer.

But the production of that model has been suspended.

We need to replace it with a new one, so the manufacturer needs to produce a special and separate bumper.

Thats why it costs a lot.”

“Its just a small scratch!” Xu Meiqi shouted.

Even Su Huixian was shocked.

A car needed such an expensive bumper How could it be possible That car didnt worth a lot of money in the first place.

But the insurance company had verified it clearly.

They had no reason to object.

Xu Meiqi was just an assistant.

With her salary, how could she afford such a tremendous amount of money Even if she wouldnt eat and drink for twenty years, she couldnt possibly raise such an amount.

Su Bei was still in the car dealership, drinking coffee and watching the cars.

Manager Gao walked up to her and said, “Miss Su, the bumper of your car has a scratch as big as a fingernail.”

As he spoke, he couldnt help but feel sorry for the car.

“Can it be repaired easily” Su Bei asked.

She also felt so sorry for her newly bought car.

“Fortunately, its quite easy to repair.

Ive already asked the staff to repair it right away.

As for the cost, Xu Meiqi is required to pay for it.

The car will be ready in fifteen minutes.”

His words made Su Bei feel better.

“Thank you, Manager Gao.”

Manager Gao then turned around and went to the car.

Actually, the people working on Su Beis car right now were not their employees.

They were the first-line technical backbones and designers of the car factory.

Because when Su Beis car was made, all the accessories were according to Lu Hetings requirements.

They had prepared multiple backups, so it was very convenient to replace any parts that might be damaged.


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