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After thinking for a while, she still had no clue and could only close her eyes.

The thoughts in her mind were suddenly spinning, but it was difficult to link them together.

Lu Heting opened his eyes after sleeping for a moment.

It was about half an hour, but this half an hour was enough for him to recover his strength.

Moreover, with Su Bei by his side, the quality of this half an hour of rest was very high.

Su Bei was not asleep.

When she felt the movement, she got up as well.

As soon as he got up, Lu Hetings phone rang.

He picked it up and heard Lu Hang say, “Madam isnt in a good mood.

That video affected her a lot.

She seems to be in a bad mood.”

“Let the doctor go over,” Lu Heting said calmly.

What Madam Lu needed the most now was a doctor, not her son.

Because Su Bei knew that Gun Gun had once been sick, she was a little worried when she heard the mention of a doctor.

“Whos sick”

Su Bei paused.

“Is she okay”

Lu Heting told her about the incident and mentioned the video.

The people who had seen it would indeed feel uncomfortable.

However, very few people had such a big reaction.

Madam Lu was not an inexperienced person.

It was hard for Lu Heting not to think too much about it.

Hearing his calm and objective description, Su Bei wondered if Madam Lu had really done that.

Otherwise, things would not have become like this.

As for Feng Ze, Su Bei admitted and said, “I dont know him very well.

Ive never heard of his parents dying in a car accident.”

“Ill handle this matter.” Lu Heting did not want Su Bei to worry.

He did not mention that Feng Ze suddenly took out the video to anger Madam Lu because he wanted to avenge Su Bei.

Su Bei did not need to shoulder so much burden.

After a while, Lu Weijian came over.

He went straight to Su Beis ward.

“Didnt I ask you to look after Da Bao and Gun Gun” Lu Heting frowned when he saw him.

“Dont worry, Brother.

Theyve both gone to school, and there are people watching over them.

I came to see Sister-in-law and express my guilt to her.”

Seeing his humble appearance, Su Bei smiled and said, “What do you have to feel guilty about Im already very grateful that you helped me take care of Da Bao and Gun Gun.”

“My mother went to look for you and asked you to leave.

I came to express my apology.”

“Lu Weijian!” Lu Heting stopped him.

The smile on Su Beis face disappeared.

That was what Madam Lu wanted to do.

Why was Lu Weijian involved

Moreover, is she supposed to forgive Madam Lu just because Lu Weijian had apologized

Su Bei knew that she could not be so magnanimous.

At most, she would let it go on account of Lu Heting, but she could not pretend that nothing had happened.

“Brother, let me finish.

Although Mom was the one who said those words, she mustve done it for my sake too,” Lu Weijian said sincerely.

Lu Heting and Su Bei did not interrupt him.

He continued, “Sister-in-law, you might not know this, but Im not my brothers biological brother.

Although Ive always wanted to be, my biological mother is actually my brothers aunt.

I should call my brotherCousin instead.

And I should call my motherAunt.”

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