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Lu Heting hugged her and said calmly, “Do you know Dr.

Wang Juntang”

“I do, but Im not familiar with him.

I just gave him an umbrella last time.

I also learned that he works here.”

“Hes very knowledgeable about heart disease.

Hes an expert in this field.”

Su Bei could tell that he was comforting her.

He was so busy, yet he still wanted to say these words to comfort her.

Su Bei no longer had any thoughts in her heart.

The past was the past.

She could already accept it and move on from it.

She was apologetic and said in a low voice, “Yes, so Im not worried.”

Moreover, she had been worrying about a baby she did not know.

It must look strange to outsiders.

Her smile widened.

Lu Heting knew that she was just too used to transmitting good emotions to others and leaving the bad ones for herself to process.

He hugged her hand and tightened his grip.

“Gun Gun also had congenital heart disease after he was born.

It was Wang Juntang who performed the surgery.

Now, Gun Guns physical fitness has recovered quite well.

Many experts have examined him and said that his bodily functions are normal.”

“Gun Gun has this illness too” Su Bei felt that it was too much of a coincidence, but she could not connect the dots.

“Yes, so Wang Juntang must have a way to treat this child.”

Su Bei could tell that he was continuing to comfort her.

While her heart ached for Gun Gun, her heart also ached for her husband.

She held his face with her soft fingers.

Lu Heting smiled.

“Are you in a better mood now”

“What if my heart aches for Gun Gun again” Su Bei asked softly.

“But hes fine now.

Everything is fine.

It was because of this I promised Wang Juntang to let his girlfriend join Lu Group.”

“Oh, who is it” Su Bei was grateful to Wang Juntang and his girlfriend.

Lu Heting shrugged.

“Im sorry, I dont know either.”

“Is this how you treat your sons savior” Su Bei joked.

“I invested in Wang Juntangs medical research institute.

Does that count as enough repayment” Lu Heting asked with a smile.

Of course, he would have thanked Wang Juntang.

He was just doing him another favor by helping his girlfriend as well.

Su Bei smiled.

Seeing that his eyes were red, she held his face.


Lu, you havent rested since last night, right”

“Its alright.

I can handle it.” Lu Heting was pleased by her soft words.

“Why dont you take a nap You have so much work to do.

You might not be able to finish it in a short time.

Youll get twice the results with half the effort if you take a nap now,” Su Bei said softly.

“Then will you accompany me” Lu Heting had indeed been busy for a long time.

It was not just last night.

In the past few days, he had not even gone to visit Su Bei in the suburbs.

She could imagine how many days he had been busy.

At the moment, there were people taking care of Madam Lu.

Now that Su Bei had woken up, his tense muscles were relaxed.

He felt a little tired now.

Su Bei nodded.

“Of course.”

Lu Heting hugged her and squeezed into the small bed with her.

Su Bei was still thinking about Gun Gun.

Gun Gun coincidentally had heart disease as well

However, she did not dare to think too much about it, nor could she think of anything else.

It was because Xiao Bao was pronounced dead when he was born.

She had heard the voices and words of those people who saved her when she was semi-unconscious.

She could never forget them.

Even so, she did not know where Xiao Bao was sent to be saved.

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