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She stood up.

She did not feel too uncomfortable, but she knew what was wrong with her.

She would be fine after a good rest.

Su Bei stood up and slowly walked to Lu Hetings side.

She was about to bend down to talk to him when the mans long arm grabbed her waist and pulled her into his embrace.

She was now sitting on him.

They were in the hospital, so she was a little embarrassed.

A red blush quickly appeared on her face.

Lu Hetings tightly furrowed brows relaxed as he kissed her ear.

“Ill call the doctor over.”

“Its alright.

Ive just exhausted my physical strength.

Its not a big problem,” Su Bei said softly.

“As for you, you must be very busy recently.

Why dont I just get discharged This way, you wont have to work here and it wont be convenient for you to handle things.”

Lu Hetings heart softened as his long fingers brushed past her cheek.

How could she be concerned about him when she had just woken up

From Gu Xifengs words, Lu Heting knew what was bothering Su Bei.

He did not expose her at this moment and just said, “Its better to recuperate for a few days.

Its not hard for me.

Ill just get them to send the things over.”

“Employees need to be trained.” Lu Heting hugged her tightly.

“Rest with peace of mind.

Once you recover, Ill naturally be fine.”

After being intimate for a while, someone knocked on the door, making Su Bei so shy that she quickly sat aside.

“Come in.” Lu Hetings face darkened a little, but thinking that it might be a doctor, he allowed the person in.

Unexpectedly, it was Wang Juntang.

Su Bei fainted when he was away, so after performing the surgery on the child, he came over to give Su Bei an explanation.

Although Su Bei had nothing to do with the child, he still felt that it was necessary to tell her about it.

Doctor Wang Juntang admired Su Bei for being a good person.

Seeing that it was him, Lu Heting asked, “Whats the matter”

From his tone, it clearly meant that Wang Juntang should not say anything if the situation wasnt good.

Wang Juntang had operated on Gun Gun before, so he knew Lu Hetings temper well.

He knew what he meant, so he said, “The childs condition has stabilized.”

“Has the child undergone surgery” Su Bei asked.

“The child didnt have heart surgery.

Hes too young to handle it.

However, weve taken some precautionary measures.

He wont be in a critical condition for the time being.

He can undergo surgery when hes a little older.”

“Is there a high chance of success” Su Bei really wanted to know.

It was fine if she had not encountered such a situation, but now that she had, it was impossible for her not to care.

Wang Juntang said, “50-50.”

Seeing her like this, Wang Juntang comforted her.

“Ill do my best.”

Su Bei smiled, but her smile was not very bright.

Wang Juntang knew that Lu Heting would get tired of him talking, so he did not say anything else and turned to leave.

Su Beis eyelashes fluttered as she lowered her eyes slightly to hide the sorrow and gloom in them.

Lu Heting carried her back and said in a low voice, “Are you still worried”

“Im alright.” Su Bei smiled at him to reassure him, saying that she didnt care too much about it.

“After all, it all boils down to fate.

I just hope that the child will be okay.”

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