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Feng Ze looked at Madam Lu indifferently as she broke down.

Yes, people could forget what they had done, but how could they completely forget

She would remember eventually.

He looked at Madam Lu calmly.

He had lost everything.

It had been more than 20 years since he lost everything.

What could Madam Lu use to repay him

Madam Lu suddenly shouted and fainted.

When Lu Heting received the news that Madam Lu had fainted, he was very surprised.

Madam Lu had already been sent to the nearest hospital.

Before Su Bei woke up, Lu Heting had already gone to Madam Lus side.

When he went over, Madam Lu had yet to wake up.

However, the doctors results showed that she was fine.

She fainted because she was too emotionally distraught.

Lu Hang said to Lu Heting, “Mr.

Lu, it was said that Madam Lu fainted after seeing this.”

Lu Heting clicked on the video.

Although those abstract drawings were not scary, Lu Heting still felt unbearable pressure after watching the video.

Moreover, he clearly recognized the characteristics of the person driving the car and the two people who were hit.

The photos of the two people hung in the Feng familys company building that Madam Lu was in charge of previously.

Even if Lu Heting had not gone there often, he could still recognize that the drawings were of those two people.

The characters in these abstract drawings were very recognizable.

Lu Heting pinched his eyebrows and wondered if this was true.

From the contents of the video, it was clear that the person who made this video knew this matter very well.

Regardless of their perspective, they were emotionless and explained the matter clearly.

Would his mother have done such a thing

As her son, Lu Heting refused to believe it.

But what if it was the truth

No wonder Feng Ze wanted to make a move on his mother.

Lu Heting immediately thought of something else.

Feng Ze had never taken out the video before this, but he did not show any mercy when he attacked Lu Group.

He just seemed to have been too lazy to remind Madam Lu about this.

However, he took out the video this time and caused Madam Lu to be hospitalized… He should know that Madam Lu had gone to look for Su Bei and indirectly caused her to be in trouble, right

Hence, he did this to avenge Su Bei.

For some reason, Lu Heting felt a little impatient.

However, Madam Lu was not awake yet, so he could not pursue the matter.

“Keep an eye on her.” He instructed Lu Hang before driving to the hospital where Su Bei was.

Along the way, he received countless calls from work.

All of them were very urgent.

When he returned to the hospital, Su Bei was still unconscious.

Lu Heting sat beside her for a long time, holding her hand and gently caressing her fingers.

After a while, his rationality reminded him that it was time to work.

Otherwise, when Su Bei woke up, he would not even have time to accompany her.

When Su Bei woke up this time, the suppressed pain in her heart was much less intense.

She had recovered a lot of her energy.

She opened her eyes and saw that the coffee table was filled with documents.

The man was frowning and reading something.

With Lu Groups current situation, his workload would definitely be more than ten times of usual, right

Su Beis heart ached as she looked at the mans slightly furrowed brows.

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