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Madam Lu had no choice but to continue watching.

In the following scenes, the plot did not move forward.

Instead, it repeated the impact from different angles.

In other words, Madam Lu saw the impact happening from at least ten different angles.

Finally, she couldnt take it anymore and put down the iPad.

She rushed straight to the bathroom and vomited.

Feng Ze merely stared at her back with a cold expression.

He continued to sit in his seat in a calm and carefree manner as he patiently watched.

Those abstract images kept assaulting Madam Lus mind and pressing down on her nerves.

She vomited for a while.

She splashed cold water on her face, but it did not help.

In her mind, those scenes seemed to overlap with certain scenes in the depths of her memory.

Those abstract animated characters also seemed to overlap with real peoples figures from her memory.

Madam Lu came out of the washroom after a while.

She no longer looked young after removing her makeup, and the wrinkles at the corners of her eyes were obvious, making her lose her usual elegance.

She returned and sat down again, her face pale from the discomfort.

“How is it Do you remember” Feng Ze asked.

“The people who were hit were your parents” Madam Lu enunciated each word with a heavy voice.

“The things I drew arent bad, right As long as you grasp the essence of a person when drawing them, youll be able to recognize who it is no matter how abstract it is.” Feng Zes tone was extremely relaxed as if he was talking to someone about painting.

It was completely different from the serious and tense Madam Lu.

Madam Lu asked, “Whos the driver”

She had a vague feeling that the person driving the car looked a little like her.

This was also why she felt extremely uncomfortable when she saw the video.

However, the driver never got out of the car, so she couldnt see their body shape.

But Madam Lu did not think that there was such a thing in her memory.

Besides, why would she do anything to hurt her best friend

Even if there were times when she had to resort to ruthless means in business, they were not used in situations like these.

She knew how to avoid risks.

Feng Ze stared at Madam Lu.

Madam Lu could tell from his gaze that Feng Ze thought it was her.

She tried her best to deny it.

“Feng Ze, think about it.

How could it be me Why would I do that”

Feng Ze continued to look at her with the same gaze as before.

There was no evidence, and even this video was just a depiction.

However, under his gaze, Madam Lu felt that she could not defend herself at all.

The person driving the car was clearly her!

Something in her mind was triggered again.

Madam Lus headache worsened.

It was extremely unbearable.

She wanted to defend herself and deny it, but everything seemed to be chaotic.

Feng Zes voice rang in her ears.

“Its okay.

Take your time.”

Madam Lus head hurt even more, and her breathing quickened.

No, impossible! How could this be!

She had always been on good terms with her best friend and would never do such a thing.

But what was with those things in her memories They appeared bit by bit, seemingly breaking through the surface and sprouting out like plants.

They grew leaves and branches.

It was too scary.

Madam Lu could no longer stop herself from thinking about it.

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