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“Ill handle it.

Take good care of Da Bao and Gun Gun,” Lu Heting said in a low voice.

Su Bei had yet to wake up, so Lu Heting could only arrange for someone to take care of her.

He had to know what Feng Ze and Madam Lu had talked about and understand their dispute.

Lu Heting arranged everything in an orderly manner.

The thought in his heart became fervent.

Madam Lu received a call from Feng Ze, asking to see her in person.

She finally had the chance to meet Feng Ze.

No matter what, she wanted to know why Feng Ze was doing this to her.

From the beginning to the end, Madam Lu was still responsible for Feng Ze.

Since her best friend had passed away, she couldnt leave the child alone.

Feng Ze told her to meet him in a top-notch clubhouse in the capital, where prominent figures liked to meet.

Madam Lu also had the platinum card.

Once she entered, she was warmly welcomed by the service staff.

Feng Ze was already sitting there waiting.

He looked cold and noble, and his expression was calm.

It was hard to imagine that he was the one who did those things to Lu Group.

How could a seemingly harmless man do that

Madam Lu sat down in front of him.

Without beating about the bush, she asked, “Feng Ze, are you willing to see me now Tell me, why did you do those things”

She did not mention Su Bei this time because her rationality told her that a man would never be stupid enough to do that for a woman.

Feng Zes actions against Lu Group this time could be analyzed by anyone with discerning eyes.

If Lu Group really took a bad fall, Feng Ze and his vast investments would also fail.

Feng Ze looked at the sanctimonious Madam Lu and said, “Do you not remember, or do you not want to admit it”

“What is it” Madam Lu had never done anything wrong to the Feng family.

In business, it was inevitable for her to have some tricks up her sleeves, but that was only for others.

She had never thought that she was a weak and charitable person, but she really couldnt recall ever doing anything wrong to the Feng family.

Feng Ze couldnt be bothered to remind her anymore.

He got someone beside him to pass Madam Lu an iPad.

There was a video on it, and Feng Ze gestured for Madam Lu to take it.

This was a video.

To be precise, it was an abstract video with simple lines.

It was like a cartoon.

She watched it suspiciously.

In the video, an abstract character drove an abstract car forward.

When another car in front was spotted, the first car did not dodge and directly collided with it.

The car that was hit stopped, and two abstract figures climbed out.

It could be seen that it was a man and a woman.

The figure from before didnt stop the car or save anyone.

Instead, they directly crashed into the man and woman.

The man was sent flying while the woman was crushed to the ground.

The scene looked exceptionally terrifying and disgusting.

The soundtrack was a little eerie, mixed with the cries of children.

Even though it was an abstract animation, the color of blood was realistic, and the effects were so good that they made people shudder.

Madam Lu felt extremely uncomfortable as she watched this.

She felt dizzy and nauseous.

Feng Zes lips curled up mockingly as he watched this scene.

He said, “Aunt Qing, continue watching.

Theres more.”

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