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After a while, those words lingered in Lu Hetings mind again.

Xiao Bao Heart disease

He seemed to have thought of something.

He could not quite grasp the thoughts in his mind, but they were so clear.

Lu Heting let go of the document in his hand and walked out with big strides.

He ran out, and his footsteps became more and more hurried.

Finally, Lu Heting found Gu Xifeng just as he was about to leave the hospital.

“Is there anything else, Mr.

Lu” Gu Xifeng asked.

Lu Hetings breathing quickened.

It wasnt because he was walking fast but because of something else.

“What do you think happened to Xiao Bao” Lu Heting asked, his voice drifting in the air.

Gu Xifeng put one hand in his pocket and thought for a moment before saying, “I brought Xiao Bao to another city for treatment.

If the child could be cured, itd be a surprise for Su Bei.

If he cant be cured… Anyway, Su Bei knew from the start that the child wasnt saved.

She doesnt need to be hurt again.”

“California.” He wondered why Lu Heting suddenly asked this.

However, he was relieved in an instant.

He and Feng Ze had hidden these things from Su Bei.

Su Bei didnt know anything about it, and Lu Heting definitely didnt know either.

“California.” Lu Heting repeated.

What did Lu Weijian say the last time According to Liao Xintong, Liao Qing had given birth in California.

So, Su Bei and Gun Guns relationship was actually…

Then what were Gu Xifeng and Feng Zes roles in this

“The hospital name and address.”

Gu Xifeng told him.

Actually, he should have told Su Bei about it a long time ago, but after thinking about it, he felt that there was no need to.

Anyway, Xiao Baos ending was just that.

Even if Su Bei knew about it, it would only make her sad.

He said, “Do you want to go to the hospital Ill give you this number.

My friend is in that hospital.

If you want to go, itll be much more convenient for you to look for him.

As for Su Bei, Xiao Baos death had dealt her a huge blow.

You can do as you see fit.”

Lu Hetings eyes darkened when he received the contact information.

When he looked up, he saw Gu Xifengs calm expression.

There was only guilt from not being able to save Xiao Bao.

For the time being, Lu Heting thought that they were just being kind and didnt have ulterior motives.

“What else do you want to ask”

Lu Heting had nothing else to ask.

Gu Xifeng might not know anything more either.

Seeing that Lu Heting stopped talking, Gu Xifeng turned around and left.

Lu Heting stood rooted to the floor.

After a while, he called Lu Hang and asked him to send a confidant to a hospital in California.

Lu Weijian had been to that hospital before, but he hadnt been able to find any leads because of many things.

Plus, Lu Group was in trouble now, so he didnt stay there for long.

Now that there were clear clues, things were much easier.

As for Su Bei and Gun Gun, it was very convenient for Lu Heting to handle them.

He asked someone trustworthy to bring Gun Guns toothbrush over, whereas he only needed to get a strand of Su Beis hair.

It didnt even need to be so troublesome.

Su Bei still had bruises on her body, so it wasnt too troublesome for the nurse to get an extra blood sample.

Su Bei still hadnt woken up even after Lu Heting had arranged everything.

It was Lu Weijian who called.

“Feng Ze is meeting Mom.

Brother, what should I do”

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