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Gu Xifeng had another thought.

“Su Bei helped deliver the child with her bare hands The child is sick and is still being resuscitated”

“Yeah,” Lu Heting replied softly.

“Maybe Su Bei was a little shocked too.”

“Its normal for her to be frightened.

Back then, when Xiao Bao was like this…” Gu Xifeng sighed softly.

He recalled what had happened back then.

He had personally delivered Xiao Bao.

Unfortunately, he was incompetent and couldnt cure the child and return them to Su Bei.

Lu Heting sharply caught the words Xiao Bao. “Xiao Bao”

“Dont you know One of the twins was called Xiao Bao.”

Lu Heting did not understand the whole situation, but Gu Xifengs words had already made him suspicious.

“What do you think happened to Xiao Bao in the end” Lu Heting was almost certain that he was approaching the truth of something.

Hence, he remained calm and did not ask about Su Bei being pregnant with twins.

If Gu Xifeng knew that he did not know the whole story, he would definitely hide it.

As expected, after hearing Lu Hetings words, Gu Xifeng thought that Lu Heting knew that there were two children but he just did not know about Xiao Baos condition back then.

“Xiao Bao was born with congenital heart disease.

Although Da Bao is fine, this incident must have left a huge trauma in Su Beis heart.

After giving birth, her emotions were abnormal for a period of time.

As Da Bao grew older, she gradually recovered.”

Lu Hetings heart skipped a beat as if something had grabbed it.

His heart stopped for a moment, and a huge pain seized him.

“Is congenital heart disease very difficult to treat”

Gu Xifeng said casually, “It depends on the situation.

Sometimes its difficult, but sometimes its not.

Unfortunately, Xiao Baos condition was very serious… We were afraid that Su Bei would be sad.

So when Xiao Bao was born, we told her that Xiao Bao had suffocated to death.

We originally planned to quietly bring Xiao Bao out for treatment so that she wouldnt worry.

Who knew that I didnt have the ability to cure Xiao Bao”

Lu Heting understood everything now.

He instantly realized why Su Bei cared so much about the child she delivered last night.

That child not only represented the meaning of what she had done, but they also represented her feelings from many years ago.

It was a knot in her heart that had yet to be resolved.

And she had never told him any of this.

When she was with him, she always had a bright smile on her face.

She was like a spring breeze, bringing flowers to the world.

As for her, she kept the scars in her heart and endured the pain alone.

The incident this time had stirred up the feelings in her heart.

She could not withstand it and coupled with the pressure from other things, she was still sleeping.

Lu Heting clenched his fists.

He thought that he had treated Su Bei well enough and given her everything she wanted, but in reality, he did not know her well enough.

What he had done was far from enough.

“Theres nothing wrong with her body.

She should be fine soon.” Gu Xifeng checked her pulse and said calmly, “Take good care of her.”

Lu Heting stood rooted to the floor, hiding the sadness in his eyes.

Gu Xifeng did not mind and turned to leave.

Lu Heting coughed heavily after a long while.

His head hurt.

Xiao Bao had heart disease.

He suffocated when he was born.

Su Bei had experienced too much.

And he could not share her worries at all.

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