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Of course, someone would make arrangements according to the preferences of Dr.

Wangs girlfriend.

From what he said, his girlfriend was in Di Xing

Su Bei did not know about these things.

Seeing that the doctors name tag said Wang Juntang, an attending doctor, she smiled and said, “Doctor Wang, hows the childs condition”

Wang Juntang was about to speak when a nurse ran in with an anxious expression.

“Doctor Wang, the childs condition isnt good.

They need emergency treatment.”

Wang Juntang did not say anything else.

He did not even bother to say goodbye.

He turned around and left while running.

It could be seen that the doctors sense of mission and responsibility was top-notch whenever he encountered problems.

When Su Bei heard that the child still needed to be rescued, the world before her eyes spun again.

Lu Heting reached out to catch her.

“Su Bei Su Bei”

After Su Bei did a check-up, she was fine and sent to the ward.

Actually, even she did not know how fragile she was when faced with this matter.

The wound she thought had recovered was torn open again, and the pain was difficult to bear.

She had only met this child by chance, so she did not have too many feelings for this child.

But when she heard about the childs condition, it reminded her of the past.

That was why her mood was so low now.

The doctor said that Su Bei was fine and just needed to rest.

But looking at her lying on the bed with a pale face devoid of any color and her fair skin looking almost transparent, the worry in Lu Hetings heart never faded.

He was already busy enough to begin with.

He asked Lu Hang to transfer all his work to his email while he handled it in the ward.

As for the paperwork that needed to be signed, Lu Hang took them over.

As for Da Bao and Gun Gun, Lu Weijian would take care of them for the time being.

In the future, Madam Lu would have very little chance to see the two children alone.

Her actions had severed the ties between her and the two munchkins.

This time, Su Bei did not have a nightmare and slept longer than last night.

Lu Heting was in the ward.

He wasnt wearing a tie, but he felt uncomfortable as if something was strangling his collar.

He was not in the mood to work.

If Su Bei did not wake up, he would not be able to collect his thoughts.

However, as Lu Group was now facing a crisis, he had to hold on.

Otherwise, he would only give Madam Lu more opportunities to hurt Su Bei.

Lu Heting forced himself to work.

Lu Hang had just finished reading a few contracts when he quickly walked in and said in a low voice, “Theres a Doctor surnamed Gu who wants to see Su Bei.”

Hearing that it was a doctor, Lu Heting did not stop him.

He massaged his eyebrows and said, “Let him in.”

Lu Hang went out and soon brought a young man in.

Lu Heting stood up and recognized the man.

It was Gu Xifeng, the one who grew up in the orphanage with Su Bei.

“Im here to see Su Bei.” Gu Xifeng was familiar with Lu Heting, so he went straight to the point.

Although he followed Feng Ze, his affection for Su Bei had never once decreased.

Perhaps Feng Ze also wanted to come and see Su Bei, but he didnt do anything, so Gu Xifeng didnt ask about it either.

He just came alone.

“Shes not awake yet.” Lu Heting knew that he was a doctor and his medical skills were good, so he explained the situation to him.

“She has no external injuries.

Shes just weak.

Maybe shes too tired.”

He Xuyan was an extremely strict director.

Lu Heting even regretted letting Su Bei accept his movie.

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