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Lowering his head, Lu Heting kissed Su Beis soft lips.

He wanted to hold her in his hands and could not bear to reprimand her.

When Lu Heting released her, Su Bei asked, “Any news about that child”

“I didnt ask.

How can someone elses child be more important than my own wife” Lu Heting raised an eyebrow.

Su Bei looked out of the window.

The sky was already dark, and it was not convenient to ask about the childs condition now.

She would find out tomorrow morning.

She continued, “Then about Lu Group…”

“Im handling it.

There wont be too much of a problem.

Feng Ze only managed to suppress me for a while because my mother returned the company to him.”

Seeing that Su Bei did not know the details, he told her what had happened.

“Thats the Feng familys property” Su Bei understood.” So there must be some misunderstanding.

I didnt expect him to know his own identity.”

They had known each other in the orphanage since they were young, and the others knew very little about their background.

For Feng Ze to be able to find Madam Lu accurately, it seemed like he knew a lot.

Lu Heting lowered his eyes and said in a deep, powerful voice, “Ill take care of this.

Dont worry.”

He thought that Su Beis previous emotions were due to the words of his mother and the rescue.

He had no idea that her emotions were due to a deeper reason.

After Su Bei woke up, she did not mention Xiao Bao again.

She would just bear the burden alone.

There was no need to let Lu Heting know about it out of thin air and add to his troubles.

After Lu Heting came over, Su Bei slept peacefully in the second half of the night and was no longer disturbed by nightmares.

The next morning, she felt much better.

All visitors from Di Xing Media Company were stopped by Lu Heting.

What she needed was rest.

He had already seen the scars on her body last night.

They were from the filming and training.

Her skin was exceptionally fair to begin with, so those injuries were especially glaring.

Lu Heting knew that giving her time to rest was better than anything else.

She had a nutritious breakfast, and the doctor from yesterday came again.

“Su Bei, are you feeling better” The doctor came over and asked directly.

“Much better.

Sorry to have troubled you.” Su Bei saw that he was not a doctor in charge of this department, yet he kept coming over to see her.

She felt a little sorry.

The doctor took out an umbrella and passed it to her.

“Thank you for the last time.”

“Huh So you were the one in the rain outside the company that day…” Su Bei remembered that she had asked Xiao Bai to give someone an umbrella when she saw a man in the rain.

Initially, she thought that he was an employee of the same company, so it was only right for her to do so.

She did not expect him to be a doctor.

However, Su Bei was a little surprised.

“How did you know that I was the one who gave you the umbrella”

“I read the entertainment news too.

I recognized your assistant, Xiao Bai.” The doctor smiled.

“I was going to Di Xing to meet up with a friend, but I didnt expect to meet you.”

“Your friend works in Di Xing” Su Bei casually asked.

Lu Heting recognized the doctor.

It was Dr.

Wang, who had operated on Gun Gun before.

Because of that incident, Lu Heting had agreed to let his girlfriend join Lu Group.

However, after his girlfriend joined Lu Group, Lu Heting did not care about what she did or what position she held.

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