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Chapter 104: Chapter 104 Heavy Losses

Su Bei got out of her car at once.

And when she saw that the driver of the other car was Xu Meiqi, she understood everything.

Five years had passed, but Su Huixian and Xu Meiqi still didnt know how to accept losses.

As long as the situation was not in their favor, they would surely make trouble.

Manager Gao quickly strode towards Su Bei, with beads of cold sweat on his forehead.

“Miss Su, are you okay”

“Im fine, Manager Gao.

But please check if theres anything wrong with my car.” Su Bei curled her lips and watched Su Huixian help Xu Meiqi out of the drivers seat.

Luo Lili turned to her and snapped, “Su Bei, how do you drive Dont you know that you almost hurt Meiqi”

Su Huixian also said, “Su Bei, this is all your fault.

How can you hit Meiqi like this”

They were really good at this.

After causing trouble for others, they would complain first.

Su Bei took out her phone and said, “In a car accident, its hard to tell who is at fault.

So lets just call the police to investigate.”

Xu Meiqi got out of the car guiltily.

“Su Bei, why dont we just let this go Anyway, both of our cars have been damaged.

How about we shoulder the repair cost respectively”

“Oh, thats so kind of you.

But, no.

If I really hit you, I must compensate you.” Su Bei then dialed the number of the police station without hesitation.

Su Huixian looked at Xu Meiqi, hinting the latter not to show any guilt.

“No one got hurt, and the cars didnt suffer too much damage.

Just let Su Bei call the police.

Ill leave first.

Meiqi, you stay here and wait for the police to arrive.”

Su Huixian and Luo Lili then turned around and left.

Of course, they wouldnt waste their time and money to repair Su Beis car.

Xu Meiqi had no choice but to stay.

She winked at Su Huixian, indicating that she would tell them later what would happen.

“Miss Su, Im so sorry for what happened.

Would you like to have a cup of coffee inside the shop Or you can go around and check the other cars if you like,” Manager Gao said respectfully.

Su Bei thought that his attitude towards her was only part of their shops good customer service, so she nodded and said, “Okay, Ill take a look at the other cars again.”

Manager Gao then led her back to the shop.

Soon, the traffic police and the staff of the insurance company arrived.

After checking the surveillance video and the conditions of the two cars, they confirmed that Xu Meiqi was responsible for the accident.

“Xu Meiqi, you must take full responsibility for this.”

Xu Meiqi said lightly, “It doesnt matter.

I only need to pay for the repair of the cars and glass wall, right The insurance company is going to indemnify it.

After all, it was just an accident.

I slipped and stepped on the accelerator.”

The insurance staff said, “Yes, we will reimburse.

But we have to evaluate the situation first before we can determine the amount of the compensation.

If the cost exceeds the amount of your insurance, you need to pay for the excess.”

“Ive bought a five hundred thousand yuan liability insurance.

Isnt it enough to repair the cars”

“Well, it depends on the damage.

Dont worry.

You can rest assured that we are professionals in evaluating the damage.”

Immediately, the staff took photos of both cars.

“How is it” Xu Meiqi asked.

“Unfortunately, your car has suffered severe damages.

The front part was really smashed.

We also need to check if the engine has been damaged.”

Xu Meiqis face darkened at once.

She didnt expect that the consequences of the collision would be so serious.

How could it be so terrible

“What about Su Beis car” she asked again.

She hoped that Su Beis car was severely scratched.

The insurance company would pay for the repair expenses anyway.

After the preliminary inspection, the staff said, “Theres a scratch near the bumper of the other car.

Its about the size of a fingernail.”


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