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Madam Lu had never wanted to ruin her relationship with her son.

She just thought that she understood her son well enough.

He had always been rational enough to make logical decisions when it came to relationships and careers.

It wasnt appropriate for him to make an appearance, so she was merely representing him when she went to look for Su Bei.

Madam Lu deliberated over her words and said, “Yes, I looked for her and told her some things.

I also told her about the current situation of Lu Group.

Son, she could leave you for the first time, so its not difficult for her to leave for the second time—”

This was clearly the most intimate word in the world, but it made Madam Lu tremble with fear.

Madam Lu was the first to break the silence.

“Are you very disappointed in me”

“Yes, but youre my mother, after all.

Disappointment wont change anything.

I dont want to hurt our mother-son relationship.

I hope you wont give me another opportunity to deliberate over this.” Lu Heting hung up after saying that.

Madam Lu held her phone and let out a long breath.

She didnt think that she had done anything wrong.

Although there was some selfishness in her as she didnt like Su Bei, ultimately, she still did it for her the sake of her son and her family.

After hanging up the phone, Lu Heting loosened his tie to relieve some of his frustration.

It wasnt that there was no solution to the current problem.

Feng Ze wanted to suppress him with the company that Madam Lu had spent the past few years running.

It was possible to catch him off guard in the short-term, but to trap Lu Heting in the long term

However, his mothers attitude was even more annoying than Feng Zes suppression.

Lu Heting pushed open the door of the ward again.

Su Bei had just begun to sleep peacefully, but she was probably feeling uneasy again.

Her forehead was covered in sweat, and her delicate brows were tightly knitted.

Lu Heting quickly went over and held her finger.

Su Bei suddenly woke up from her dream and sat up.

A warm embrace hugged her.

When she fell into this embrace, Su Beis nervous and uneasy emotions dissipated.

She felt slightly at ease.

Needless to say, she knew that it was Lu Heting.

The embrace was so familiar to her, and his scent was so pleasant.

She clung to this embrace for a while before placing her hands on her waist.

Finally, she managed to calm down from the nightmare of her baby being resuscitated.

“Did you have a nightmare” Lu Heting caressed her hair and asked.

“Mhm.” Su Bei gently nodded.

Lu Heting thought that all this was because of the pressure that Madam Lu was giving her.

He said in a low and mellow voice, “I know that my mother came to look for you.

We dont have the same opinion on this matter.”

Su Bei was slightly stunned and thought to herself,How did he find out so quickly It was indeed hard for her to say.

Since he already knew, Su Bei did not need to say it herself.

His attitude was clear.

He was not on the same side as Madam Lu.

“You came back so late at night.

Did you forget your promise to me to take good care of yourself” Lu Hetings words were filled with reproach and love.

Su Bei knew that Madam Lus opinion would not affect Lu Heting at all.

Even though she knew this clearly, she still felt uneasy on the way back.

Now that Lu Heting had confirmed it again, the doubts in her heart dissipated.

She had already predicted this outcome.

Lu Heting cupped her face in his hands, wanting to reprimand her again.

However, his heart softened when he saw her pitiful face.

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