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Su Bei slept deeply.

She was probably too tired.

However, in her dreams, the wordsthe baby is suffocating, resuscitate immediately kept echoing.

Alarms sounded everywhere, making it difficult for her to calm down.

They were clearly two children who had accompanied her through so many days and nights.

The older one was called Da Bao, while the younger one was called Xiao Bao.

She could hold one of the childrens hands, but under the alarm and the flashing red lights in the operating room, she still lost Xiao Bao.

Seeing that she was not sleeping well, Lu Heting gently kissed Su Beis eyes.

After experiencing such a big thing, she must have been shocked.

She was not a professional medical staff, so how could she be calm after seeing so much blood

However, he was very proud of his woman.

She did things that normal people could not do.

She was always so good, so good that he could not help but want to hide her and have her only belong to him.

In Su Beis dream, she was filled with fear.

Suddenly, a gentle kiss calmed her emotions.

In her arms, Da Bao was looking at her with his big eyes.

As she hugged this small and soft body, the frightening sounds of emergency treatment slowly dissipated.

Lu Hetings phone rang, and he immediately pressed it.

The sound did not disturb Su Bei.

He walked out quickly and softly before asking, “Whats the situation”

Lu Weijian called and said, “It was Mom who went to meet Su Bei.”

Su Bei suddenly came back tonight, and even Lu Heting did not know about it.

Apart from wanting to give him a surprise, Lu Heting thought about what else would make her come back early.

He quickly ruled out the idea that Su Bei wanted to give him a surprise.

After she finished filming, she shouldve seen the news about Lu Group.

The news had already taken up all corners of media outlets.

Therefore, there must be another reason for her sudden return.

Lu Weijian went to investigate this matter.

“Im sorry, Brother.

You asked me to keep an eye on Mom.

I didnt know that she would meet Sister-in-law when she was going to a spa.” Lu Weijian was really upset.

Why was his mother like this

Lu Heting didnt need him to say anything more to understand what Madam Lu had probably said to Su Bei.

Madam Lu had never really liked Su Bei, much less her profession.

Lu Heting was very clear about it, but Madam Lu had never acted rashly, so Lu Heting did not bother about her.

Lu Heting frowned and hung up.

As soon as he hung up, Madam Lu called.

She heard that Su Bei was in the hospital.

How could she not ask

However, she was obviously angry in her heart.

She thought that Su Bei would take the big picture into consideration and leave properly, just like what she did six years ago.

Who knew that she would come back to find Lu Heting

She did not know if this hospitalization was a trick of Su Beis.

But no matter what, Madam Lu had to do her best on the surface.

“Son, Su Bei is in the hospital Hows the situation”

“You talked to Su Bei today” Lu Hetings voice was calm.

However, Madam Lu hoped that he would reveal his emotions.

That way, even if he was angry, at least she could guess what he was thinking.

Instead, she found it hard to guess his mood and thoughts now.

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