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Knowing that Su Bei was busy, Lu Heting did not reveal Lu Groups predicament to her.

He only checked Su Beis schedule.

She would be returning from the studio in the suburbs tomorrow, so he had already arranged for someone to pick her up early in the morning and bring her directly to the company.

When he heard the phone ring, Lu Heting didnt want to answer it.

He was about to press the reject button when he saw Li Qishengs name.

Hearing Li Qishengs words over the phone, Lu Hetings originally stern expression was once again replaced by a dark look.

“Address,” Lu Heting asked.

Luckily, before Qiao Mei left, Li Qisheng had asked for the hospital address and name.

He immediately reported it to Lu Heting.

After putting down the phone, Li Qisheng felt a lingering fear in his heart.

Luckily, he had met up with clients tonight.

Luckily, he had to work overtime tonight.

Otherwise, if something had happened to Su Bei and he was still out of the loop, he could forget about being the manager.

Su Bei was actually fine and had only fallen asleep.

Hence, when Qiao Mei came over, He Xuyan told her, “Shes tired.

The doctor also told her to rest more.”

Qiao Mei said, “Then Ill accompany her here.

Director He, you can go back first.”

“I have something to do here, so Ill wait for her.” He Xuyan glanced at the time.

“It wont affect anything.”

Qiao Mei looked at the time.

It was getting late.

She probably wouldnt be able to talk to Su Bei tonight.

Since He Xuyan was willing to stay here, she didnt insist and said, “Please pass me the flowers and fruits.

Also, pass the message on that the company and I are very concerned about her condition.

She should rest well.

Well come back after she wakes up.”

He Xuyan accepted the things and watched Qiao Mei leave.

Qiao Mei had only left for a short while when a luxury car sped in from outside the hospital.

Lu Heting arrived in a hurry and went upstairs in the blink of an eye.

He strode toward Su Beis ward.

When he saw He Xuyan, he remembered that Su Bei had sent him a photo of He Xuyan.

He recognized him and said, “Director He, you can go back first.

Im here now.”

He Xuyans dark eyes swept over Lu Heting, “Youre here to see Su Bei”

“Im here to take care of her,” Lu Heting corrected him.

He Xuyan understood what he meant, but he didnt know who Lu Heting was.

He could only tell that he was a rich man.

Was it the man pursuing Su Bei

He Xuyan said, “Is it convenient for you to do so Su Bei is asleep.

The paparazzi will be here soon.”

He reminded this man that even if he wanted to pursue Su Bei, he had to choose the right time.

As for He Xuyan staying here, he was the director and had a cooperative relationship with Su Bei.

The chances of him getting into trouble were not as high as the man in front of him.

“Is it convenient for me, her husband” Lu Heting took out his wallet and waved it in front of his eyes.

The photo of Lu Heting and Su Bei on it dazzled He Xuyans eyes.

He Xuyan took a serious look and confirmed that it was not a photoshopped picture.

His eyes flickered slightly as he said, “Do as you wish, then.”

Seeing Lu Heting enter, He Xuyan picked up his bag and turned around to leave.

He was also stained with the smell of blood.

It was time to go back and wash up.

When Lu Heting entered the ward, he saw Su Bei sleeping soundly with bloodstains on her clothes.

He knew that the blood came from someone else, but it still made his breathing pause.

He extended his long fingers and gently caressed Su Beis face.

The heartache in his eyes could not be concealed.

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