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Perhaps because he admired Su Beis actions, the doctor chatted with her a little more.

“Ive done a lot of research on infants with congenital heart disease.

Ive already taken over the childs case, so rest assured.”

“Thank you,” Su Bei said softly.

As the doctor turned to leave, Su Bei called out to him, “Doctor.”

“Yes” The doctor stopped in his tracks.

“Do children suffocate only when theyre born because of congenital heart disease” Su Bei knew that there was no point in asking this question.

If she wanted to know, she could ask Gu Xifeng the same thing.

But now, she could not help but ask.

“Thats not the case.

There are many scenarios that can lead to this,” the doctor explained patiently.

Su Bei did not ask anymore.

When she lay down, she felt extremely tired.

Actually, she had good stamina.

When she was on the production team, she had no problems handling the filming and training.

Perhaps it was because she had been too tense just now, so the string in her body snapped.

She felt especially tired.

He Xuyan said in a low voice, “You should rest.

Ill allow you to take leave after you come back.”

His tone was still harsh, but there was less mockery and more concern in his eyes.

Su Bei did not mind.

She was indeed tired, so she closed her eyes and quickly fell asleep.

After He Xuyan went out, he called Qiao Mei and told her about Su Bei and her current situation.

“Is Su Beis injury serious”

“She isnt hurt.

The doctor said shes under too much pressure after the rescue and needs some relief.”

After knowing about Su Beis matter, Qiao Mei naturally came to visit on behalf of the company.

If possible, she would publicize it.

It would only benefit Su Beis career and popularity.

She was already planning it out in her head.

She drove to the company after work and planned to visit Su Bei in the hospital once she was done coming up with her plan.

When she arrived at the company, she bumped into Li Qisheng, who had just gotten off work after being busy serving clients.

“Qiao Mei, are you working overtime at the office” Li Qisheng greeted her.

“Manager Li, something happened to Su Bei.

I plan to publicize the news to help promote her.”

When Li Qisheng heard that something had happened to Su Bei, he tensed up.

“What happened”

Qiao Mei saw that he wanted to meddle in such a small matter.

However, since he wanted to ask, there was no harm in telling him.

Unexpectedly, after Li Qisheng heard it, his expression changed as he said, “Dont try to advertise the case.

Set this aside for now and listen to my follow-up instructions.

Go to the hospital to visit Su Bei now and tell me the hospitals address.”

Qiao Mei saw that he was quite humane and put the health of the companys employees first.

It made sense, so she said, “Okay, Ill go see Su Bei first.

Ill listen to you on what to do next!”

As Qiao Mei drove off, Li Qisheng hurriedly dialed Lu Hetings number.

In the past, with his status, there was almost no possibility of him directly contacting Lu Heting unless Lu Heting took the initiative to look for him.

When Su Bei arrived at the company, his rank rose.

If there was any problem, he could take the initiative to call Lu Heting.

Lu Heting had been very busy these past few days, trying to find a way out of Feng Zes encirclement.

Due to the urgency of the situation, he even went back on his promise to meet Su Bei.

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