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The man was flustered and could not do it well.

Su Bei could not stand it anymore and said, “Turn on the flashlight on your phone.

Ill do it!”

Even though she had no idea what to do, she had given birth to a child before.

Hence, she had a good understanding of womens physiology.

She could somewhat understand some of the professional jargon spoken by the personnel just now.

The car sped toward the nearest hospital.

Su Bei was also following the other partys instructions and encouraging the pregnant woman to relax and maintain her strength.

He Xuyan calmed himself down and finally drove past the winding mountain road.

They had entered the city.

He headed straight for the hospital.

On Su Beis side, the child finally came out, but there were no cries.

The pregnant woman had also fainted.

Finally, the car arrived at the hospital.

The doctors and nurses, who were already prepared, came forward and took the pregnant woman and baby away from the car.

“The baby is suffocating.

Resuscitate immediately!”

“The pregnant woman has fainted.

Check the situation immediately!”

After Su Bei delivered the baby, she was relieved.

However, when she heard the wordsbaby is suffocating, resuscitate immediately, she felt a heavy pressure in her heart that caused her heart to be a mess.

When she had given birth to twins, these few words had made her experience great despair.

She struggled with the pain but refused to fall asleep.

She wanted to see her two children.

However, the emergency alarm kept ringing.

The piercing sound pierced through the sky.

Other than the fact that she knew that they were being resuscitated, she had no idea what was happening to the two children.

The pain of waiting was even more unbearable than the pain of giving birth.

When the resuscitation was over and the doctor brought in only one child, she was still hopeful.

But the final result made her fall into despair.

In the end, she could only have one child—Da Bao.

The other child had already disappeared from her life before she even saw them with her own eyes.

At that moment, the love and other feelings she had invested into her pregnancy were all cut out from her heart.

Da Baos existence had cured her, but the current situation made her fall over unsteadily.

It turned out that what had been cured was only her external injuries.

As for the internal injuries, they were still untouchable.

“Su Bei!” He Xuyan reached out to catch her.

“Su Bei Doctor, wheres the doctor”

Fortunately, there were available doctors in the hospital, so Su Bei was quickly sent for a check-up.

The results came out very quickly.

It turned out that it was only due to over-exhaustion.

Her dizziness was caused by an uneven state of mind.

She would be able to recover after recuperating.

Su Bei slowly woke up on the bed.

When she opened her eyes, she saw He Xuyan and a doctor in a white coat standing in front of her.

She thought about how she had fainted, but all she wanted to know was how the child was.

“Doctor, hows the childs condition” She had experienced loss before, so she did not want to see others experience the same.

Besides, this child had passed through her hands.

The doctor was a young man, and he spoke elegantly.

“You dont have to blame yourself too much.

For non-professionals, youve already done very well.

The child has congenital heart problems, so they suffocated when they were born.

It has nothing to do with you.”

He probably thought that Su Bei was worried that the childs condition had something to do with her, so he comforted her.

Su Bei did not point it out.

She had not even told Lu Heting about the child she lost, so there was no need to tell other people about it.

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