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He Xuyan held the steering wheel steadily and drove forward.

As Su Bei had been thinking about her problems, she had completely forgotten about the time and did not know that they were already at the halfway point.

He Xuyan had been driving for a long time.

She should have swapped places with him by now.

He Xuyan did not remind her.

He just kept driving.

The mountain road was difficult to traverse, so he did not drive fast.

Su Bei was lost in her thoughts when she suddenly snapped to her senses after hearing a sound in the surroundings.

There was a car parked at the intersection in front.

It was parked horizontally on the road and seemed to have broken down.

When they saw Su Beis car coming over, the driver started honking.

He Xuyan hurriedly stopped the car and became wary of the situation ahead.

The person in front ran over hurriedly, his hands stained with blood.

He Xuyan pressed the car lock and locked the doors.

No one knew what would happen on such a mountainous road.

There were also news reports of highway robberies.

The person outside banged on the car window and shouted something.

Su Bei and He Xuyan listened attentively and realized that the person seemed to be saying that his wife was about to give birth.

However, the car had broken down.

As it was a long journey and they were on a mountain road, the ambulance would not be able to arrive anytime soon.

He was asking to get a ride in Su Bei and He Xuyans car.

He Xuyan said to Su Bei, “You stay in the car first.

Ill go take a look.

If the situation isnt right, drive away.

Remember to call the police.”

This person usually looked very strict, but at crucial moments, he was very responsible.

However, Su Bei was not in the mood to admire his ability to handle matters.

She could only watch as he got out of the car.

The red handprint left on the car window made her tense up for no reason.

Her back felt numb.

Su Bei looked closely as He Xuyan ran toward the car.

A moment later, He Xuyan returned and said, “Its a pregnant woman giving birth.

The situation is a little dangerous.

Do you mind if I bring her to your car”

“I dont mind.

Let her come in.” Su Bei immediately got out of the car and helped the pregnant woman get in.

They looked like a married couple.

The woman was giving birth, and the man was probably doing his best.

His hands were covered in blood, but he didnt know what to do.

He could only hold the womans hand and cheer her on.

He Xuyan stepped on the accelerator and sped up this time.

He asked Su Bei to use the GPS to choose the nearest hospital route.

After Su Bei chose, she said to the man, “Have you called the ambulance”

“Yes, but its a long way from here.

What should I do What should I do Will my wife be alright” As the person spoke, his voice sounded like he was about to cry.

He was probably trying his best to control his emotions so that his wife would not worry.

Actually, Su Bei did not know what to do either.

She was also a little flustered.

The heartbreaking cries of a woman stirred ones heart and made it hard for ones heart to calm down.

It also made people sympathize with her.

Su Bei said to him, “Call again and ask what we can do.”

“Oh, okay.” The man was panicking.

Su Bei was an outsider, so she was more rational and could give suggestions.

The emergency call went through.

The other party knew that they wouldnt be able to arrange an effective rescue for the time being, so they started to talk about some important points.

They wanted the people at the scene to try and see if they could deliver the baby.

This was extremely difficult.

The husband was already panicking, and the lighting in the car was dim.

To carry out such a big operation was too difficult.

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