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Su Bei did not fall for her tricks.

She would not believe anything until she met Lu Heting.

However, when she took out her phone and read the news, she realized that the matter had indeed blown up.

There were even people who wanted to see what consequences Lu Group would have to face.

There were also people in the industry who were secretly spreading rumors about Su Beis bad luck.

She had only signed with Di Xing Media Company for a few days, yet such a big thing had happened to Lu Group.

She was indeed a woman who brought bad luck to wherever she went!

Su Bei immediately said to Xiao Bai, “Pack your things.

I have to rush back tonight.”

“But Director He said that the production teams car will only return tomorrow.

We still have to pack up.

And were supposed to have dinner together tonight,” Xiao Bai reminded Su Bei.

“Then help me stay here and see if theres anything to do.

Ill go back tonight.”

“Whats the matter Why are you in such a hurry” Xiao Bai was still out of the loop.

Su Bei could not explain either and could only say, “Its my own matter.

My scenes here are over.

Ill go talk to Director He myself.

Stay here and help me.”

Su Bei found Director He and asked to leave first.

“The production team doesnt have time to get a car for you now.” He Xuyan glanced at her with his dark eyes.

“Besides, our plan is to leave tomorrow morning.”

“My scenes are over.

I have my own car,” Su Bei said.

“I can drive back by myself.

I just need your approval.”

He Xuyan glanced at her arm.

In yesterdays scene, her arm was injured and had not fully recovered.

But she wanted to drive From where they were in the suburbs

He Xuyan sized her up again.

Although she did not seem very anxious, her eyes were not as calm as usual.

He Xuyan had worked with her for some time and already knew that she was a calm person.

There were very few things that could make her feel this way.

She was driving under such circumstances

He Xuyan said calmly, “Alright, then.

I also want to go back earlier to plan the next scene.

Can you give me a ride”

“Okay.” Su Bei immediately agreed and left with her luggage.

After getting into the car, He Xuyan said, “I wont hitch a ride in your car for free.

Well take turns.

You rest first, Ill drive.”

What he said made a lot of sense.

They had never taken advantage of each other before, and Su Bei felt that it was fair, so she let him drive first.

Coincidentally, she also knew that she would not be able to drive calmly to the city.

During the journey, Su Bei wanted to call Lu Heting several times but hesitated.

She didnt want to talk about Madam Lu over the phone.

She hadnt cared enough about Lu Heting recently and felt guilty for not fulfilling her duty.

As for Madam Lu, Su Bei did not have many expectations, so she was naturally not disappointed.

She had always known in her heart that Lu Hetings attitude toward her determined her position in the Lu family.

Therefore, she was not very concerned about Madam Lus attitude.

However, this was enough to affect her mood.

A marriage without the blessings of her family, even if she already had a child, might not be able to work out.

Furthermore, it was a family like the Lu family.

Once again, she deeply experienced the terror of such a family.

Sometimes, it was scary.

It was simply because there was too much wealth involved… She looked out of the car window.

The evening wind outside blew the trees on the mountain road, stirring up shadows.

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