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However, Su Bei doubted that Feng Ze would do such a thing.

Madam Lu saw that she did not believe her and said, “Su Bei, Lu Groups problems are not just related to the Lu family.

The entire economy of S Country might be affected.

The effects might even spread to the entire world.”

“So why are you looking for me”

“Feng Ze probably did this because of you,” Madam Lu said bluntly.

Su Bei had a flash of worry for Lu Heting in his heart, but she said, “Mom, you might be mistaken.

How can a mans affairs be over a woman I dont think its worth it for someone to do this for me.

So, there might be something else going on with Feng Ze.”

Besides, she knew Feng Ze pretty well.

He had never gone overboard before.

Was it possible for him to do it now

Madam Lu looked at her calmly.

“Ive asked.

Feng Ze does have that intention toward you.”

“So, it might be best if you leave Heting,” Madam Lu finally revealed her intentions.

The smile on Su Beis face suddenly turned cold with a touch of indifference.

She looked at Madam Lu.

“Are you sure this will work”

“Im not sure, but as long as theres a chance, I want to give it a try.

You have to know that Heting didnt have a father since he was young.

Its not easy for him to be able to hold up the Lu familys business with one hand.

If theres really a crisis, he wont be the only one suffering defeat.

There are countless people who rely on Lu Group for a living.”

“Su Bei, I know you wont bear to.

“This method might not be the best method, but as long as it could slightly stop Feng Ze, I want to try it.

“This is my responsibility to my son and Feng Ze.”

As Su Bei listened to these words, Madam Lus words softened.

She even mentioned how Lu Heting had lost his father when he was young and tried to use emotions to make Su Bei soft-hearted.

However, Su Bei hit the nail on the head and pointed out, “Actually, its also because you dont like me that this matter is just an opportunity for you to speak out.

Thats why you came to look for me and want me to leave, right”

Madam Lus thoughts were exposed.

Indeed, not only did she want to resolve this matter, but she also wanted Su Bei to leave.

The two intentions intertwined together, causing her to have such thoughts.

Madam Lu didnt hide it anymore and said, “Youre very smart.

Youve already guessed that its like this, right So, since its like this, do you understand what I mean”

She was still smiling amiably as though she was chatting with Su Bei about some warm and intimate matters.

She smiled and took another sip of tea before standing up.

“You dont want Heting to be in a difficult position, right”

Facing Su Bei, Madam Lu did not offer to give her a check.

After looking at Su Bei again, she turned around and left.

Su Bei sighed softly.

She really did not expect that the Lu family would think of sacrificing themselves first when there was a fight between Feng Ze and Lu Heting.

She really wanted to ask Feng Ze what he was up to.

After Madam Lu finished speaking to Su Bei, she turned around and left.

She believed that Su Bei would make a choice.

She also believed that her appearance represented Lu Hetings intentions.

If Su Bei was sensible, she should quietly leave.

She did the same thing five years ago, didnt she

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