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When Madam Lu went out, she bumped into Lu Heting, who had just returned.

She stopped in her tracks and said, “Heting…”

She wanted to tell Lu Heting to leave Su Bei.

Although she could hear the teasing tone in Feng Zes voice, she would rather believe that it was all because of Su Bei.

“Hows the company going” Madam Lu asked when she saw Lu Heting stop in his tracks.

“Ill take care of it.

It should be done soon,” said Lu Heting.

Things had happened too suddenly, and he needed time to deal with it.

Feng Zes foundation in S Country was still shallow, and he might not be a match for Lu Group.

Madam Lu was worried.

“He took back the Feng familys company and knows everything about us.”

Lu Heting said calmly, “Dont worry, Ill take care of it.”

He was still busy with something, so he didnt say much to Madam Lu.

Madam Lu made up her mind and went to look for Su Bei.

It was already the eighth day since Su Bei came here to film her scenes.

The scenes for that day had ended.

If there was nothing else, she could go home the next day.

When she heard Xiao Bai say that an outsiders car had arrived, she pursed her lips and smiled.

She guessed that it was probably Lu Heting.

He said that he would come once every three days.

Liar, it was already the eighth day.

But this was also good.

If he came too often, Su Bei would not have the stamina and energy to deal with him.

Su Bei still had scenes to shoot, so she could only suppress her emotions and wait.

The evening air in the suburbs was especially fresh, and it was mixed with the smell of grass.

It made people feel happy.

The filming of her last scene of the day was finally done.

Su Bei tidied up her hair and came out.

She did not see Lu Heting but Madam Lu instead.

She carried an exquisite small bag, and her hair was combed neatly.

There was a kind smile on her elegant face.

“Su Bei.” Madam Lu walked over and greeted Su Bei.

Madam Lu rarely showed her face, so everyone just thought that she was a rich lady without knowing she was Madam Lu.

When she came to see Su Bei, everyone wasnt really pleased about it.

The light in Su Beis eyes faded a little, but she still welcomed her into her lounge.

“You wont blame me for being abrupt, will you” Madam Lu asked with a smile.

“No.” Su Bei poured her a cup of tea.

“Its just that this place is remote and the roads are not very convenient.

It must have been tough for you to come here, right, Mom”

Madam Lu smiled.

“Its nothing.

Im just here to take a look.

Are you done filming”

“Yes, I can go back tomorrow,” Su Bei replied.

Of course, she knew that Madam Lu was not here just to show her concern.

After interacting with her, she had long realized that Madam Lu treated her well on account of Da Bao.

Su Bei, who had always had shallow family relations, did not have any extravagant hopes.

It was already good enough that they could both treat each other with respect.

Did she expect the other party to treat her as her own daughter

She had not even found a mother-daughter relationship with Lin Shulian.

After Madam Lu drank her tea, she finally got to the main topic.

“Su Bei, Lu Group is currently facing a huge problem.

Feng Ze was the one who caused it.

Right now, Heting is having a hard time dealing with it.”

Su Beis eyes widened slightly.

She still did not know about these things.

Time was too tight every day.

How would she dare to play with her phone in front of He Xuyan

“Feng Ze” Su Bei did not doubt Feng Zes ability.

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