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Madam Lu felt like she was sitting on pins and needles.

No matter what the cause of this matter was, it was all her fault.

It was because the Feng familys company belonged to her best friend.

Lu Heting had never cared about who she wanted to give it to.

He only wanted to help her.

Who knew that it would cause such a huge crisis in the blink of an eye

Madam Lu finally contacted Feng Ze.

The moment the call connected, her breathing quickened.

She asked, “Feng Ze, why are you doing this”

A calm male voice sounded from the other side.

“Boss is very busy now.

Please call back in a few minutes.”

Madam Lu had no choice but to wait patiently for a few more minutes.

On the other hand, Feng Ze was merely drawing with his head lowered.

On the snow-white paper, he had casually sketched out an exaggerated and abstract image of a person with a ghostly and terrifying aura.

The call went through again.

Feng Zes voice was still gentle and polite.

“Aunt Qing.”

This time, Madam Lu was at a loss for words.

She was extremely frustrated.

It was as if Feng Ze wasnt the one behind all this.

“Feng Ze, do you know whats been going on recently Why are you doing this I gave you the company, so why are you biting the hand that fed you”

Feng Ze was still casually drawing on the paper, but his voice was noble and cold.

“Is that so Aunt Qing, dont you know why”

“Of course, I dont know! Ive never had any grudges with you.

All these years, Ive been helping to manage the Feng familys company.

Although I did it willingly, I still gave it back to you in the end.” Madam Lu was furious.

After a long while, she finally calmed down and said in a gentler tone, “Feng Ze, can we have a proper talk about this”

The tip of Feng Zes pen snapped on the piece of paper, leaving a deep scratch on it.

From the looks of it, not only did Han Qingwan not reflect on her actions, but she also did not have any remorse in her heart.

In fact, she did not even have the slightest intention to admit her mistake.

Feng Zes eyes were bloodshot, and he had lost all interest in talking.

Madam Lu had said all she wanted to say, but there was only Feng Zes calm breathing on the other end of the line.

He didnt even explain himself.

Madam Lu didnt want to mention Su Bei.

Lu Heting had repeatedly told her not to mention Su Bei.

However, she could no longer hold it in and said, “Is it because of Su Bei”

“Heh.” Feng Ze laughed lightly.

He was full of mockery.

She didnt even dare admit what she had done, yet now she wanted to push the blame on Su Bei

Madam Lu thought that she had hit the nail on the head and said, “Okay.

If its really because of Su Bei, then will you be satisfied if I make Su Bei leave Lu Heting Will you be able to stop when you achieve your goal”

“If you can really do it…” Feng Ze said calmly.

He knew that this was something she couldnt do, so he didnt think that Madam Lus words represented any sincerity.

He didnt even bother to remind Madam Lu of what she had done.

Could it be that only pain was permanent in ones mind

What about such a vicious crime Was it so easy to forget about it

Feng Ze hung up and threw the drawing into the fire.

Gu Xifeng watched from the side, and a trace of worry flashed past his eyes.

After Madam Lu ended her call, she hurried out.

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