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Ever since Lu Heting took over Lu Group, he had encountered all sorts of storms.

However, there were only two major crises.

He had successfully resolved the first crisis after turning the tide around.

The second time was this time.

Feng Ze had taken over the company that Madam Lu had been in charge of all these years and which Lu Heting had personally helped.

Feng Ze was using this opportunity to attack Lu Heting, which was equivalent to using Lu Hetings fist to hit him.

There was no need to elaborate on the power behind it.

When Lu Group encountered such a crisis, their share price naturally reflected the struggle.

The price fell and was forcefully pushed up by Lu Heting before falling again like a roller coaster.

Lu Weijian knew that he had said something wrong, so he came to Lu Heting to apologize.

Lu Heting sat in a large office chair, leaning against the back of it without moving.

His expression was frozen.

Lu Weijian would rather his older brother scold him or kick him a few times than see him like this.

“Brother, I was wrong.

I shouldnt have gossiped, especially in front of the elders…” Lu Weijian stood in front of Lu Heting obediently.

Lu Heting seemed to be deep in thought.

He didnt respond and didnt bother to look at him.

Lu Groups crisis had started to grow bigger, causing the companies related to Lu Group to suffer huge pressure.

S Countrys current economic situation was chaotic and terrible.

Su Beis scenes became more difficult to film.

He Xuyans training requirements for her had already reached the high standards of professional boxers.

Even the male actors in the same industry could not take it anymore, but Su Beis training never stopped.

“Director He, why dont you let Su Bei rest for a while” The male actor saw the weight Su Bei was carrying and couldnt help but ask.

Everyone could no longer bear to watch.

“Thats the amount of training she needs.”

“But shes still an artiste, not a boxer…” the actors argued.

He Xuyan sucked on his lollipop and said in a low voice, “Thats why shes the main character and you guys can only act as supporting actors.”

The light in his dark eyes was filled with mockery.

The male actors faces turned red.

If He Xuyan werent the director, he would have been punched.

Su Bei gritted her teeth and endured it without saying a word.

Her strength had increased, and her physical strength had multiplied.

However, the only thing was that she would get sunburnt.

Even so, her skin would become as fair and translucent as a babys skin again the next day.

Due to the extensive training, Su Bei did not even realize that Lu Heting had not come to visit her even after three days.

Su Bei did not find it strange as she did not even calculate the time.

A day later, Lu Heting called to tell her that he was busy and would not be visiting her for the time being.

They would only meet when she returned.

Su Bei had no objections and only reminded him to take care of his body no matter how busy he was.

She then put down his phone and fell asleep.

The advantage of being busy was that she had no problems falling asleep every night.

She had no time to chat or watch the news, so she didnt even notice what was happening to Lu Group.

As for the others, they lived under He Xuyans strict standards every day and did not dare to gossip about the news.

Besides,Boxer was not invested by Lu Group.

Even if someone saw the news, they would not have the chance to talk about it.

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