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As a result, Feng Ze used his current corporation to stop Lu Group from collaborating with overseas companies and cut off large amounts of their investments and projects.

Madam Lu had never thought that things would turn out like this.

She tried calling Feng Ze again but to no avail.

Lu Group was the economic lifeline of S Country.

Under such circumstances, the foundation of the entire countrys economy would naturally be shaken.

The situation became extremely critical.

Sitting in the living room of the Lu familys old residence, Madam Lu looked at Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu with tears in her eyes.

“That company has nothing to do with Heting.

It belonged entirely to the Feng family.

I really didnt expect Feng Ze to repay kindness with ingratitude and cause such a mess.”

The two elderlys heads were full of silver hair as they frowned, deep in thought.

Lu Weijian asked, “More importantly, theres no enmity between us.

Why is Feng Ze doing this”

“I dont have a clue either.

Back then, his parents passed away in a car accident, and I had no choice but to take over that company to manage it.

There werent any profits involved in this, so I just handed it over to him like it was nothing.

Who knew that he would turn around and use that company to deal with Heting”

Lu Weijian suddenly thought of a possibility.

“Ah, is it because Feng Ze likes Sister-in-law…”

He found out about this when he was with Lin Yu.

Now, he blurted it out.

Lu Heting stopped him.

“Lu Weijian!”

Weijian quickly retreated, realizing that he had said something wrong.

However, the casual remark had already caught the attention of the listeners.

Madam Lu said, “What What did you say Feng Ze likes Su Bei Is that why hes going against Heting and even turned against me”

She couldnt contact Feng Ze now, so she didnt know the truth.

However, due to her best friend, she had a very good impression of Feng Ze.

Moreover, she was aware of the fact that he was displaced all these years and didnt have any protection.

Hence, she naturally thought that he wouldnt do anything bad.

If Su Bei was really involved, then she truly was a femme fatale.

Lu Heting could tell what Madam Lu was thinking.

His voice was stern as he said, “It has nothing to do with Su Bei.

This matter does not involve Su Bei.”

On the surface, Madam Lu didnt say anything, but she was certain of it in her heart.

Su Bei hadnt been in the country in the past few years.

She had heard that she was in America.

Feng Ze was also in America.

Perhaps there was some dispute between the two.

Maybe Su Bei had betrayed Feng Ze, which led to the current situation.

At the end of the day, Madam Lu was prejudiced against Su Bei, so she would rather it be because of Su Bei than her best friends son being cruel and ungrateful.

“Only Feng Ze knows what exactly is going on.

Theres nothing going on between him and Su Bei.

Dont involve Su Bei in this matter,” Lu Heting said this and turned to leave.

There were still many things waiting for him to handle in the company.

Lu Weijian chimed in, “Mom, I was just casually speaking.

If Feng Ze really had something going on with Sis-in-law, he wouldnt have waited until now to make a move.

Anyway, dont overthink it.

My brother is here.”

He felt a lingering fear.

After creating such a huge mess, he wondered how Big Brother would punish him.

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