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And now, the child had finally appeared before her.

That child looked cold and distant, but who knew that he was so likable and had a good personality Madam Lu was finally relieved.

Giving the company in her hand to that child could be considered as comforting her best friends and her husbands soul in heaven.

Without reservation, Madam Lu handed everything to Feng Ze.

Su Beis scenes progressed very quickly.

Although He Xuyan had strict requirements and wanted every scene to be perfect, Su Beis acting skills improved exceptionally quickly.

At the start, she had made many mistakes.

But under He Xuyans critique, she was slowly able to improve.

Sometimes, after a scene was filmed, Su Bei hoped that he could point out some flaws.

However, He Xuyan would watch the scene for a long time before saying with a lollipop in his mouth, “Pass! Prepare for the next scene!”

After the filming of the drama scenes, all that was left were the fighting and training scenes.

According to the script, the female leads training would be held in the suburbs, so these scenes had to be filmed separately in the suburbs.

Su Bei packed her things while Gun Gun hugged her leg unwillingly.

“Ill be back soon.

At most, itll only be six or seven days.”

Gun Gun looked at her and nodded obediently.


Su Bei suddenly remembered that the Feng Ze she saw that day was also this obedient.

He was so innocent that he didnt look like Feng Ze at all.

He was like an ignorant child.

Would Gun Gun grow up to be like Feng Ze

At the thought of this, she quickly stopped her unrealistic thoughts.

Da Bao could not bear for Su Bei to leave, but he knew how to control himself.

He pulled Gun Gun away and said, “Lets go over there to play.”

They should give Su Bei and Lu Heting some time.

Lu Heting reached out to put her luggage away and said, “Then Ill come over once every three days.”

“Actually, theres no need to go through so much trouble.

Itll take six to seven days, no longer than ten days.

Ill definitely be back.” Su Beis heart ached at the thought of him going back and forth to visit her.

He was usually quite busy, so it was not unbearable to part with him for a few days.

Lu Heting looked down at her.

“Then how can I guarantee my rights as a husband”

“…” Su Bei raised her face.

“Then Ill bring you along.”

“Ill get Lu Hang to customize a large suitcase.”

Seeing that he was serious, Su Bei quickly pulled him back and reached out to hook his neck.

“Okay, come visit me every three days.

Ill wait for you if you come.”

“I hope that when I come, I wont see you injured.” Lu Heting planted a light kiss on the tip of her nose.

Actually, going once every three days was already considered a long interval for Lu Heting.

If he didnt have his two sons to accompany him, he would have gone there once a day.

The journey was a little far, but it was not difficult.

After Su Bei left, something big happened in the capital city.

After Feng Ze got the company that Madam Lu had given him, he combined it with his own vast investment and formed a super large corporation.

The company that Madam Lu managed was so big because of Lu Hetings secret efforts.

Hence, the development there was very fast and stable.

They were also very familiar with the operations of Lu Group.

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