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How old was he then Maybe three or four.

Although he was old enough to remember things, he was unable to do anything in the situation back then.

He could only watch his fathers body be sent flying like a kite.

He could only watch his mother spit out blood as she looked at the woman driving the car.

“Han Qingwan Han Qingwan, why did you do that”

Yes, it was Han Qingwan, who was also known as Madam Lu.

His mother had held him in her arms, still whispering that name.

Han Qingwan.

Han Qingwan.

Hence, Feng Ze had never forgotten that name, Han Qingwan.

The moment he closed his eyes, he would see blood, and it blocked his vision.

It was as if his eyes were already soaked in blood.

He did not mention this matter to anyone, not even Feng Feifei.

However, the sight of blood lingered in his mind forever.

Every day he spent in the orphanage was accompanied by the sight of blood.

Only the time he spent with Su Bei was different.

Her eyes were wide open, and her face was soft and cute.

When she handed him the candy in her hand, he didnt dream of blood that night.

Feng Ze had already checked the information.

Back then, Han Qingwan and his mother were best friends.

It was possible that the two of them had fallen in love with the same man, and that was Feng Zes father.

Because in the information he received, he had seen the love letter that Han Qingwan had written to his father.

Perhaps it was because of this reason, or perhaps it was because of the Feng familys huge family business, that Han Qingwan was so vicious.

The truth of the matter could not be verified, but Feng Ze would never forget Han Qingwans vicious expression as she sat in the car.

It did not matter that her face was filled with love now.

Feng Ze didnt mind Gu Xifeng speaking up for Madam Lu, because Gu Xifeng had never seen the blood bath from back then.

He did not see how his father had flown out like a piece of paper before falling to the ground, almost breaking into pieces.

Feng Ze was back now.

Apart from taking back the company that Madam Lu had been controlling, he also wanted Madam Lu to experience the feeling of losing the love of her life.

The love of Madam Lus life was Lu Heting.

Forget about Lu Weijian.

He wasnt Madam Lus biological son.

He was just the second young master of the Lu family.

Gu Xifeng saw that Feng Zes expression was getting darker and darker.

He said with a cold expression, “But Da Bao…”

Since it concerned Su Bei and Da Bao, should he proceed with his plan

Feng Zes voice turned colder.

“Didnt Su Bei and Da Bao still survive in those years without Lu Heting”

If not for that misdiagnosis, Su Bei and Da Bao would still have stayed in America like before.

They would not have thought of Lu Heting or come back.

She and Da Bao had never really needed Lu Heting.

It was like that in the past, so it would be the same in the future too.

Gu Zifeng thought to himself,Thats different.

Everything is different now.

But knowing that saying it would not change anything, he could only keep his mouth shut.

The next day, Madam Lu prepared all the documents.

For more than 20 years, she had been guarding this huge company for her best friend.

She had done her best and did not dare to waste a single moment.

Finally, she had found her best friends child.

Initially, she thought that something had happened to the two children, but she did not receive any concrete news from the police.

Hence, she could only investigate while waiting.

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