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Once they had decided on an actress, they were about to make their move.

The entire production team had been on standby for a long time.

When they heard that filming was finally about to start, they were all excited.

All of them rubbed their palms together, eager to get into work mode.

They had been waiting for too long!

Su Bei filmed for the whole day and only managed to find time to send the news to Qiao Mei and Lu Heting when work ended at night.

Qiao Mei was surprised.

Su Bei could actually handle He Xuyan

Previously, whether it was Di Xing Media Company or other companies, they had recommended many people to He Xuyan, but he had rejected them all.

Now, he had taken a liking to Su Bei!

Qiao Mei was surprised but also told Su Bei to work hard.

She could see that Su Bei was a promising talent.

Her only shortcoming was that she was too stunningly beautiful.

Being beautiful in the entertainment industry was a matter of course, but it was easy to walk down the wrong path.

Besides, lust was the root of everything.

Only talent could make people loyal to their choices.

Lu Heting received the message, and his lips curled into a faint smile.

However, it disappeared after a moment.

The filming this time was a test of stamina and energy.

There were also quite a lot of fighting scenes.

It was even more challenging than the previous historical movie.

He wasnt worried that Su Bei wouldnt be able to take it, but his heart ached.

Lu He Ting had already learned about He Xuyan.

He was a drama addict and had extremely strict requirements during filming.

It seemed like he needed to take some time out to learn more about this man.

Su Bei was fine and did not have much to worry about.

When she was a model, she had a lot of work to do and relied a lot on her stamina.

Previously, some of the clothes she wore on stage weighed dozens of kilograms.

Although she only went on stage for a short one to two minutes, she often wore them for a few hours backstage because it was inconvenient to take them off.

She was already used to heavy work.

The official announcement forBoxer did not attract much attention.

Firstly, Su Beis current situation was too low-profile.

She didnt even hype up the news about her contract signing ceremony with Di Xing Media Company and only gave a simple statement.

Secondly, He Xuyan had only directed one movie before this.

It was a high-quality movie, and some loyal fans were still talking about it.

However, it had been a few years since then, so it wasnt popular enough.

Thirdly, this kind of plot was not commonly talked about among young people, and everyone was not familiar with it.

Hence, it did not cause too much of a stir.

Only Su Beis loyal fans and He Xuyans few fans reposted the news.

Since He Xuyans loyal fans were all elites in society, they had high expectations for the quality of the movie.

Knowing that the female lead was Su Bei, everyone felt uneasy and did not think He Xuyan should have made that choice.

Su Beis face was beautiful and moving.

She was a flower among humans.

How could it be so easy for her to show the true nature of society, which was what He Xuyan wanted to depict in the movie

Even the insiders were not optimistic about this movie.

Naturally, regular people did not pay much attention to the movie.

Instead, the announcement of Jia Jias involvement inBasketball Baby attracted a lot of attention.

Basketball was a popular sport, and the basketball players who everyone liked to see all had good figures and looks.

This kind of movie wouldnt be bad, and it would easily attract people to watch it.

So it seemed that Su Bei had lost right at the start.

Su Bei did not think so, however.

She worked mainly to earn money to support her children, so as long as it was not against the law or against her conscience, she would accept it.

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