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Youth romance movies did not have high requirements when it came to acting skills.

As long as the guy was handsome and the girl was beautiful, the movie would be considered a half-success.

Jia Jia was young and beautiful, so naturally, the director was satisfied.

With Jia Shiyun as the guarantor, the movie soon confirmed Jia Jias role.

Three days later, the official announcement was released and filming would begin soon.

In terms of time, they were ahead of Su Bei.

Jia Shiyun and Su Bei had always had a grudge against each other.

This time, Su Bei had signed a contract with Di Xing Media Company and snatched the ceremony that should have been for her.

Even though Li Qisheng had specially organized a birthday party for Jia Shiyun that night, compared to the commotion caused by Su Bei signing the contract on that day, the birthday party at night seemed a little too boring.

Jia Shiyun would not let Su Bei have another chance at stealing her spotlight.

In the blink of an eye, three days passed.

Su Bei once again went to look for He Xuyan.

He Xuyan was as lazy as ever.

His hands were in his pockets, and he had a lollipop in his mouth as he looked at Su Bei with his dark eyes.

Su Bei had come prepared this time, so she was naturally more into the character than the last time.

Her dressing was more casual because the female lead was an old unwanted woman in the movie.

She was average and had not achieved anything, so Su Bei specially chose a large set of clothes that did not fit her.

She had casually tied her hair up.

As for her makeup, she even used a deep foundation to change her skin tone.

It covered her delicate and fair skin, making her look just like her character.

He Xuyan glanced at her, obviously not expecting her to be willing to give up her beauty and dress like this.

“Director He, is the promise from three days ago still valid If I punch you and you waver, can we film”

“Give me a punch first,” He Xuyan said lazily.

Su Bei could not be bothered to argue with him.

After standing firm, she threw a punch.

Lu Heting had said that training strength was a long-term thing, but there were tricks when it came to punching and utilizing the body.

As long as she used the proper methods, it was not impossible for her to improve greatly in the short term.

Therefore, Su Beis punch was completely different from the last time.

The last time she punched, He Xuyan did not even move his eyebrows.

This time, he took half a step back and frowned.

Clearly, he was hurt by Su Bei.

Su Bei retracted her fist.

Actually, she also felt a slight pain.

A mans muscles and bones were really deadly.

“Director He, can I come tomorrow” Su Bei asked with a hint of excitement.

With that smile, she brightened up.

There was a huge gap between her true character and the role she played.

But when it came down to it, she was able to perfectly go into character.

He Xuyan looked up at Su Beis smile.

“Who said that”

“…” Su Bei recalled that he had indeed not mentioned it the last time.

He had only told her to try again three days later.

“Director He, since Ive already made up my mind to act in this film, then just tell me what other tests there are.”

At most, she would just try again!

“Well start filming immediately! In five minutes!” He Xuyan said as he walked away with his lollipop in his mouth.

“…” Su Bei could no longer maintain the determined look on her face.

‘Director He, can you learn how to speak normally

He Xuyan was such a person.

When he couldnt find a suitable candidate, he would rather delay things for half a year and let the funding go to waste.

The staff members were waiting in boredom, but he wouldnt start filming or compromise.

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