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Madam Lu was no longer as arrogant as before.

Instead, she smiled and said, “Feng Ze, come here.

Ive been waiting for you.”

“Aunt Qing.” The smile on Feng Zes face was gentle and polite, and his greeting was extremely intimate.

He walked forward, and like any gentle junior, he held onto Madam Lus arm.

If Su Bei saw this scene, she would definitely be shocked.

Fortunately, she had already driven off in time.

In the car, she was still wondering if that man was the decisive Feng Ze she knew.

Was it the Feng Ze who had struck fear into the hearts of both America and the underworld

When she got home, she washed her face with cold water and forgot about this matter.

She did not go to the gym and instead downloaded videos to learn.

When Lu Heting returned, he saw Su Bei standing in front of the computer while drenched in sweat.

He leaned against the door and looked at her thin arms and legs.

Her foundation was pretty good, but she lacked strength.

She was wearing a professional gym outfit.

Her shoulders were straight, and her clothes were bunched up at her waist.

Her long legs were also straight.

Su Bei had learned from Feng Feifei before and had a foundation in martial arts.

It was just that her strength was insufficient, making her seem a little weak.

However, in reality, her strength was enough to deal with ordinary people.

It was just that there was still a gap between her strength and the skills that He Xuyan wanted to show on camera.

Lu Heting had seen enough.

He walked up to Su Bei and helped her by her waist.

“Its not bad.

Do you still want to train”

“I have to practice.

Director He has very strict requirements.

If Im really chosen, Ill have to practice a lot more.” Su Bei did not dare to be negligent.

As a model, she had to do her best.

Of course, it was the same for being an actress.

“Then Ill practice with you.” Lu Heting reached out to hold her hand.

Su Bei had always known that he had good stamina, but she had never seen him fight before.

If she asked him to spar with her, she would immediately realize that he was more powerful than she had imagined.

This man was full of talent.

Even though Su Bei had trained for a long time, she did not improve much.

Under Lu Hetings tutelage, she improved greatly.

“It really works!” Su Bei felt a huge change.

“Strength training is a long-term thing.

Im just helping you to quickly overcome this hurdle first.”

Su Bei nodded.

“Then Ill properly learn from you.”

“Arent you going to praise me” Lu Hetings eyes held a faint smile as he looked at Su Beis obviously smiling eyes.

His gaze landed on her red lips.

“Lu Heting, youre so good.

You must have heard a lot of praises since you were young, right” Su Bei saw through his intentions and purposely did not respond.

Lu Heting wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Other peoples praises are different from yours, dont you know that”

Su Bei smiled and left a kiss on his lips.

She completely forgot about Feng Ze.

Knowing that Su Bei had chosen this tough role, the other female artistes in Di Xing Media Company were relieved.

From the looks of it, Su Beis resources werent that good.

Everyone had only forgotten about the sensational news of Mr.

Lu and Mr.

Weijian attending Su Beis signing ceremony.

Su Bei chose the script forBoxer.

Jia Shiyun immediately encouraged the other female artistes to accept the remaining two scripts.

With her current status, she wouldnt go so far as to accept teen romance movies likeBasketball Baby, but the role was very suitable for someone like Jia Jia.

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