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How many artistes would be willing to entertain He Xuyan

Since she was already giving it a try, she would come back again in three days!

When Su Bei left, Xiao Bai ran over enthusiastically.

“Su Bei, hows the situation”

“Ill have the second round in three days,” Su Bei said.

She would call it the second round for now, because she could not classify He Xuyans actions.

“You can do it!” Xiao Bai cheered her on.

Su Bei guessed that He Xuyan probably felt that she was too slender and did not have enough strength for boxing.

This was indeed a problem.

Although she had a lot of activities during the supermodel period and maintained a strong training volume, she still looked delicate.

To showcase the strength of a female boxer, professional training was required.

Su Bei immediately made a call and consulted a gym.

She planned to make a surprise attack.

After contacting the gym, she drove straight to the city.

After parking the car at the mall where the gym was located, Su Bei got out of the car with her bag and was about to head toward the elevator when she saw a familiar figure.

With her sharp sixth sense, she immediately sensed that the man was Feng Ze, the person she was most afraid to see.

Su Bei quickly leaned against the car and hid.

She had heard that Feng Ze had been active in the country recently.

Although she hadnt seen him much, she felt a little pressured.

As expected, a figure flashed in front of her.

It was Feng Zes figure.

He was calm, noble, arrogant, and distant.

It was the kind of aura that Su Bei feared.

When he walked in Su Beis direction, Su Bei was so nervous that she held her breath.

However, when he approached, Su Bei suddenly realized that she had recognized the wrong person.

Feng Zes face was not as distant and cold as usual.

Instead, it was soft and cute.

Su Bei had never seen that kind of cuteness on a mans face in real life.

She had only seen such cuteness on this mans face.

His long eyelashes fluttered, revealing an innocent smile in his eyes and a faint smile on his lips.

He was like a tiger who had suddenly become an obedient kitten after being pacified.

He was also like a little kitten that had yet to be weaned.

He looked especially gentle, so gentle that it was scary.

Su Bei was momentarily shocked.

What the hell

He looked just like Feng Ze, but at the same time, not at all.

His face was just like Feng Zes face, but his expression didnt seem like his.

In an instant, Su Bei suspected that Feng Ze had a triplet brother.

Before she knew it, the man had already left.

Su Bei quickly sent Feng Feifei a WeChat message to confirm.

[Are you triplets]

[I dont know.

You know I grew up in an orphanage.]

[Is Feng Ze in S Country] Su Bei asked.

[Why Are you concerned about him What are your plans]

Su Bei knew that she wouldnt be able to get anything out of her, so she stopped.

[No, Im only concerned about you.

Have you become prettier recently]

Seeing that the lookalike had entered the shopping mall, Su Bei quickly got into the car and did not plan to go to the gym anymore.

The scene before her still left her with a lingering fear, and she was unable to snap out of it.

She did not dare to go to the mall for fear of running into that man again.

How would she dare to approach a smiling tiger

Su Bei got into the car, started the engine, and left.

Hence, she didnt see that after Feng Ze entered the mall, the person who stepped forward was Madam Lu.

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