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However, this only strengthened her determination to learn.

She thought of her mother who urged her to get married, her father who drank too much, and her broken family.

She, who had nothing to her name, eventually became an older woman.

Everyone persuaded her to find a man to marry so that her fate could be changed.

However, she refused to believe that.

She thought she could still choose what she wanted to do and live for her dreams.

She did not want to marry just for the sake of marriage, nor did she want to wear an apron around a man she did not like.

Hence, she was even more determined.

“Coach, I can do it! No matter how hard I have to work, I can do it!”

There was determination and stubbornness in her eyes.

But her fingers tightened a little at the edge of her pants because she was worried and apprehensive.

After all, she had no experience, and she was getting older.

Besides, boxing wasnt a sport women were good at in the traditional sense.

No one believed a woman like her could do it.

The micro-expressions on Su Beis face and the subtle movements of her hands might not be captured by the cameras, but He Xuyan noticed them.

He reached into his pocket and took out a lollipop.

He peeled off the wrapper and stuffed it into his mouth.

His dark eyes looked at Su Bei indifferently.

However, the scene also came to an end at this moment.

Su Bei stopped acting.

He Xuyan frowned slightly as Su Bei walked toward him.

“Give me a punch,” He Xuyan stood up and said lazily.

“…Huh” Su Bei did not understand.

“I mean it literally.” He Xuyan held the lollipop in his mouth.

He was very tall.

Even a supermodel like Su Bei was a head shorter than him.

Su Bei wondered where she should punch him.

The assistant explained, “Su Bei, punch Director He in the chest.

If you make him stagger or retreat, you can pass the audition.”

The assistant seemed to have worked alongside He Xuyan for a long time and knew him well.

However, up until now, only a handful of people in the entertainment industry had been able to get to the stage of hitting He Xuyan.

The assistant could not wait to cast someone and urged, saying, “Su Bei, hurry up.

This is your chance.”

“Then I wont stand on ceremony.” Su Bei ruthlessly threw a punch with all her strength.

She was still wondering if injuring He Xuyan would count as a work injury.

Who knew that after this punch, He Xuyan did not move and was still sucking on his lollipop

“…” Su Bei had a whole new level of respect for this director.

He wanted to choose an actress to play the role of a boxer.

Hence, Su Bei was not surprised that there would be such a test.

If this was the case, did she fail the audition

The assistant sighed.

How long had they been holding auditions Until now, Director He had not chosen a suitable actress.

Su Bei had finally entered the crucial stage, but she still could not pass the final test.

But then again, whoever could defeat Director He with a single punch could be considered to be born with divine strength.

The assistant wondered if Director He was looking for an actress or a female martial arts expert.

“Ill give you three days.

Give me another punch in three days.” He Xuyan turned around and left with the lollipop in his mouth.

The assistant quickly said, “Su Bei, quickly go back and practice.

Come back in three days.”

Compared to his assistants enthusiasm, He Xuyan seemed too cold.

“O-Okay.” Su Bei finally understood why the crew had not found a suitable actress even after half a year.

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