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Qiao Mei looked at her again.

“I wont be able to keep the other two movies on hold for you for too long, so theres a risk if you dont pass the audition.

He Xuyan does things very slowly.”

Su Bei understood what she meant.

If she wanted to audition for this movie that might not work out in the end, she might have to give up the other two movies as well.

If it really didnt work out, then Qiao Mei wouldnt be able to provide her with a good script in a short period of time.

This was the cruelty of the industry.

There werent any opportunities for work, and she would have to wait.

Opportunities were fleeting.

This was the reason why many artistes were unwilling to give up on a particular film even if it was not the best.

Of course, some people were purely in it for money.

However, Su Bei had already made a decision.

If she could not get what she wanted the most, then no matter how good the other options were, she would still be settling.

She nodded.

“Ill give it a try.

Sister Mei, please make the arrangements.”

Qiao Mei admired her attitude and said, “Then wait for me to make a call.”

Su Bei tactfully stepped out first and waited outside the door.

After a while, Qiao Mei let her in and said, “He Xuyan wants you to go over in the afternoon.

Prepare yourself.

He might have you choose a random scene to audition for.”

Su Bei went to prepare.

In the afternoon, she went straight to He Xuyans production team.

Su Bei had long known that He Xuyan was very young, but she did not expect that when she saw him, he did not even look like he was 30 years old.

In the directing industry, this age was considered very young.

He Xuyan did not smile.

It was not the kind of cold and oppressive feeling, but a kind of loneliness that seemed to have sealed itself deep within his heart.

It made people unable to touch or approach him.

With this thought, Su Bei knew why Qiao Mei said he was not easy to approach.

When he saw Su Bei, He Xuyan looked up.

There was no emotion in his eyes.

His dark pupils were bigger than the average persons, and they looked very energetic.

However, they also seemed… more distant.

“Go there and audition.” He Xuyans words were very short.

Su Bei was a little lost.

It was He Xuyans assistant who told her, “All the scenes are in the box.

You can pick any one of them.

Someone will cooperate with you.

After you pick a scene, you have three minutes to prepare.”

As expected, it was harsh.

The artiste had to understand the entire script to be able to act out a certain scene.

How many artistes had the time and perseverance to fully understand a script for roles that they were unsure of

Fortunately, Su Bei had made it a habit of hers.

She had read the scripts and would study them thoroughly.

Although she could not guarantee that she could remember every plot point, she had her own understanding of the characters.

Su Bei randomly picked a scene.

This scene was when the female protagonist came to the boxing instructors studio and asked him to teach her boxing.

Three minutes of preparation went by too quickly.

Su Bei did not even bother to adjust her makeup and clothes.

She casually tied a knot at the bottom of her shirt and tied her hair up.

An image of a woman who was down and out appeared.

She entered the audition area and found the boxing coach who would be acting with her.

She tried to suggest that she wanted to learn from him but was rejected.

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