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“Im talking about Da Bao,” Lu Heting whispered.

“…” Su Bei was silent for a moment.

“Da Bao has always been smarter than others since he was young.

He rarely gets to play with other people.

I think so too.

Maybe very few people can keep up with him.

Lu Heting, were you like this when you were young”

“Yes, more or less.” Lu Heting chuckled softly.

“I felt like everyone else was a fool.

That was why I didnt want to play or talk to anyone.”

Su Bei turned around and looked into his eyes.

“Then am I a fool in your eyes”

“Little fool.” Lu Heting stroked her hair and smiled gently.

“Youre my favorite little fool.”

“Lu Heting!” Su Bei refused.

“No, you are!”

“If youre my favorite, whats wrong with being a fool” The man kissed the womans lips lightly.

Su Beis thoughts were in chaos.

Okay, she would never be able to win against him.

After reading the scripts at home, Su Bei went to the company and told Qiao Mei her choice.

“I choose the female protagonist for this script.” Su Bei placed the script in front of Qiao Mei and told her her decision.

Qiao Mei was obviously surprised.

“Su Bei, this is the most difficult role out of the three scripts.

Are you sure”

“I have to tell you something else.

Among the three scripts, one of them is an ancient idol drama.

Regardless of whether you film it well or not, theres a good chance of getting good results in the box office.

As you know, this kind of movie is released on Valentines Day.

No matter how bad it is, the results will still be alright.

As forBasketball Baby, the female lead is a skilled basketball player.

She can sing and dance too.

Her personality and character are very likable.

The overall plot is very encouraging.

Its also a theme that everyone is bound to like,” Qiao Mei explained.

Su Bei listened carefully.

“Anything else”

“The investments for these two movies are about the same, with investors of medium-scale and above participating in them.

However, the third movie is different.

The third movie is the work of a young director who has worked with Di Xing Media Company before.

The content is more artistic, and the character is quite challenging.

The investment wont be too big.

Lu Group wont be throwing money at it.

Of course, if the movie is filmed well, the entire production team will reap the fruits of their labor.

If it isnt filmed well, it might not even make it to the news.

Are you sure you want to choose this”

Su Bei smiled.

Her eyes curved into beautiful crescents as her red lips parted slightly.

“Sister Mei, you gave me all three scripts and told me to choose.

This means that these three scripts hold similar weight in your heart, right”

Qiao Mei got what Su Bei meant.

She smiled and said, “Indeed, there are pros and cons to each of them.

But usually, movies likeBoxer arent liked by artistes.”

“It just matters that I like it,” Su Bei smiled and said.

“Can I choose it”

“The problem with this movie is that you wont be able to be directly casted.

You still need to pass the audition.” Qiao Mei revealed the most difficult point.

“He Xuyan is a very ambitious director and has very strict requirements.

Due to the investment, not many capable and famous celebrities auditioned for the movie.

The director is also very picky, so its been half a year since they started preparing for the movie and the main cast has yet to be confirmed.

The only investor has also run away from the project.

“Currently, He Xuyan is taking money from his own pocket, so you still have to pass his audition.”

Su Bei was not afraid of the audition.

She wanted to give it a try.

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