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Su Bei took the biscuits she baked for Gun Gun and placed them on the table before bringing him to wash his hands.

“Bei Bei, my birthday wish came true.” Gun Gun looked up at Su Bei and laughed.

“Really Then congratulations.” Su Bei reached out her slender fingers and pinched his chubby little face.

Gun Gun pouted and said, “I said I didnt want to see my aunt, and Grandma really didnt ask me to see her again.

When I went to Grandmas house, only Grandma played with me.”

Su Bei pursed her lips and smiled faintly.

She guessed that it was probably arranged by Lu Heting.

He had heard Gun Guns little wish last time.

It was indeed not bad that Old Madam Lu could accommodate this arrangement.

Gun Gun stuffed a biscuit into his mouth.

“So my second birthday wish will definitely come true too.”

Su Bei remembered that he did have two birthday wishes, so she smiled and said, “The first one has been fulfilled, so the second one will definitely be fulfilled soon too.”

“Yes, yes.

My second birthday wish is that Bei Bei is my mommy, and Big Brother Da Bao is my big brother.” There were biscuits in Gun Guns mouth, so his words were unclear.

“Huh Youre not planning on marrying me anymore” Su Bei looked at him with a smile.

“Daddy said that he can marry you so that you can be with us forever.

As for me, I can be your son and receive your love for the rest of my life.

So, Ive thought about it and decided that you should be my mommy.”

“…” Su Bei smiled until her eyes curved into crescents.

She imagined Lu Heting seriously coaxing the child and could not help but turn her head to look at him.

The man was sitting upright on the toy blanket while playing with Da Bao.

Alright, it was still the father and son pair who had more fun together.

Gun Gun pulled Su Beis hand.

“So, can you be my mommy forever”

His gaze was fixed on Su Bei, making her heart soften.

She nodded lightly.

“I will.

For the rest of my life.”

Lu Heting played with Da Bao, who was satisfied and convinced by his fathers ability.

He had never met his match among his peers.

No, never mind his peers, there were not many adults who could catch up to his thinking and problem-solving speed.

Hence, Da Bao always felt lonely at the top.

It was only when Lu Heting occasionally made a move that he could feel how comfortable it was to have an opponent.

Lu Heting saw through Da Baos thoughts and smiled.

“How about we continue tomorrow”

Da Baos eyes lit up.

“Keep your word!”

Lu Heting finally understood why his son was so close to Feng Ze.

It seemed like he was still lacking as a father.

However, now that he had found the reason, it would not be difficult for him to win back his sons heart in the future.

When they were sleeping at night, Su Bei asked, “Gun Gun said that youre no longer asking him to see Liao Xintong”

“Yeah,” Lu Heting replied.

He didnt plan to bother Su Bei with Gun Guns background for now.

Su Bei didnt say much.

Lu Hetings decision was a good thing anyway.

She just felt reassured for Gun Gun.

“It seems like I havent spent enough time with my sons.” Lu Heting hugged Su Bei.

“Ill take more time off in the future.”

“I can also spend more time with them.” Su Bei felt that he was a very competent father.

Very few people could do what he did.

He was so busy every day but still deliberately took time out to accompany his sons.

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