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Da Bao chose the one with the most spare parts and the largest body.

“Lets start now,” Gun Gun shouted, his little hands moving.

Su Bei also started to play.

If she was slow, she would be easily crushed by Da Bao.

Da Bao looked down at all the parts and did not make a move.

Gun Gun said, “Big Brother Da Bao, you dont have to let us win.

Weve already started.”

Da Bao did not have that intention.

When he was looking at the parts, he already had a series of steps in his mind.

When he was done, he reached out and started to work.

Gun Gun and Su Bei started assembling the car parts one by one.

They often referred to the instruction manual and slowly pieced the parts together.

This was the most commonly used method for ordinary people.

As for Da Bao, after going through the steps in his mind, his hands seemed to fly as he took all the components and quickly pieced them together.

There was no need for him to hesitate or think.

It was as if he had done it many times before.

In a moment, a tall car was formed in his hands.

Su Bei and Gun Gun were so shocked that they forgot to put the things in their hands.

Gun Gun was so shocked that his mouth fell wide open.

Su Bei teared up.

She was indeed crushed by her five-year-old son.

What kind of experience was it for ones IQ to be crushed by ones child It was because her five-year-old son had inherited her husbands IQ that he could crush her.

When Lu Heting entered, he placed his coat in the butlers hands and rolled up his sleeves.

Su Bei rushed over and hugged him.

The sternness in his eyes instantly dissipated, replaced by gentleness.

“I was crushed by your son again.” Su Bei originally thought that her intelligence was normal and everything was good, but she was repeatedly crushed by Da Bao.

She felt that she was regressing.

Lu Heting glanced at the toys on the floor and rolled up his sleeves.

“Ill crush him for you.”

“Sure.” Su Bei smiled like a flower.

Lu Heting sat cross-legged on the blanket.

His long legs had nowhere to rest.

Gun Gun hurriedly passed him all the parts.


“Okay.” Lu Heting took them, glanced at them, and quickly assembled the toy car.

In a moment, Su Bei and Gun Gun gathered in front of him.

He was asserting complete dominance.

She counted the seconds on her watch.

Lu Heting was faster than Da Bao.

Gun Gun was extremely curious.

For a moment, he didnt know whether he should admire Da Bao or Lu Heting more.

“I want to learn, I want to learn.” Gun Gun went back and forth.

“Ill teach you the method,” Da Bao said.

“The first step…”

Lu Heting continued, “Observe the car model, analyze all the parts in your brain, and know where the parts belong.

Second step…”

“Quickly go through the use and placement of the parts in your mind,” Da Bao continued.

“Third step…”

Before Lu Heting could say anything, Su Bei hugged Gun Gun and shuddered.

“We would be stuck on the first step.

May I ask how were going to break down all the parts in our heads How are we going to do it And how are we going to do it just by observing the car model Gun Gun, lets go eat some biscuits.

The biscuits I just baked are ready.”

“Okay!” Compared to the theoretical knowledge that he did not understand from Big Brother Da Bao and his father, Gun Gun felt that eating cookies was better.

“Lets do another one” Lu Heting and Da Bao looked at each other and suggested at the same time.

“Okay.” Da Bao took out the super difficult Lego toy!

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