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“Manager Li, you dont have to specially accompany me.

Ill eventually become familiar with this place anyway.” Su Bei smiled and said, “You should treat me like an ordinary artiste.”

“That wont do.


Lu told me…” Li Qisheng recalled Lu Hetings stern expression and didnt dare to treat her like an ordinary artiste.

Su Bei laughed.

“Do you think its more beneficial for me if you support me or let me develop freely Its not like youve never heard of the termflattery, right”

Seeing Manager Li alone with her, some peoples eyes had turned green.

Su Bei didnt want to be gossiped about because of Manager Li.

Manager Li immediately understood.

He understood the logic, but he still didnt dare to neglect her.

It was just like how Lu Weijian had instructed him to take care of Jia Shiyun.

Hence, throughout the years, he had given Jia Shiyun countless resources.

He had managed to turn the mediocre Jia Shiyun into the current popular starlet she was.

She won countless awards, had many resources, and had a very good reputation.

He hadnt even let Jia Shiyun drink a drop of wine.

Manager Li smiled.

“I understand.

Ill get back to work now.”

With that, he turned around and left.

Su Bei heaved a sigh of relief.

After the signing ceremony, there were other matters to deal with in the company.

Qiao Mei had to instruct Su Bei on some things to take note of and help her familiarize herself with the companys situation.

When Su Bei and Xiao Bai came out of the company, the sky was almost dark and it was raining.

The two of them headed to the underground parking lot.

When they drove out, it was already raining heavily.

It had formed a curtain of rain.

Su Bei saw a man standing in the distance.

His clothes were wet from the rain.

It seemed like that person was waiting for someone.

Su Bei said to Xiao Bai, “Xiao Bai, get down from the car and give that person an umbrella.”

Xiao Bai replied and took the umbrella to pass to the person.

She said a few words and passed the umbrella to the person before coming back in.

“That person is really stubborn.

He refused to accept it.

But I forced him to accept it.

I wonder who he is” After getting into the car, Xiao Bai started talking to herself.

Su Bei couldnt recognize who that person was.

The rain was too heavy and completely covered his facial features, so she couldnt see clearly.

Su Bei couldnt bear to see him like this.

However, she did not take this matter to heart.

She left after getting Xiao Bai to deliver the umbrella.

The next day, Su Bei had just returned home when Qiao Mei sent three scripts over for Su Bei to read before making her decision.

Su Bei glanced at them and knew that Qiao Mei had given her pretty good scripts.

This manager had good taste.

There were not many words in the scripts, so Su Bei quickly finished reading one of them.

Gun Gun ran over and pulled Su Beis hand.

“Bei Bei, can you play with me”

“Of course!” Su Beis eyes held a smile as she agreed.

“My mood will be much better if I play with cute kids.”

Gun Gun laughed so hard that his eyes narrowed.

Then, he pulled Da Baos hand and asked him to play with him.

Da Bao frowned helplessly.

He had never liked childrens games.

This was one of the main reasons why he and Feng Ze could play together since he was young, but he still agreed.

Su Bei laughed and called them over.

The three of them sat on the floor and played.

The three of them planned to play with toy cars.

Su Bei would have a car, and Da Bao would have a car too.

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