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Those artistes who had felt threatened by Su Bei also relaxed.

It seemed like Mr.

Lu didnt have any impression of Su Bei.

Everyone was discussing Mr.

Lus charisma softly, but they didnt dare to go overboard.

After a short discussion, they stopped thinking about it.

Seeing Lu Hetings attitude, Li Qisheng thought to himself that Mr.

Lu probably didnt want to trigger a fight between Su Bei and Jia Shiyun, so he left early.


Lu was smart and knew how to avoid all conflicts.

Li Qisheng brought Su Bei to meet her new manager, Qiao Mei.

“Qiao Mei, this is Su Bei.” Li Qisheng had already talked to Qiao Mei beforehand.

Qiao Mei looked very serious, but her smile made people find her cute and gentle.

Su Bei knew that everyone called herSister Mei, so she went along with it and said, “Hello, Sister Mei.”

Qiao Mei smiled and shook her hand.

“From now on, youll be a part of the company.

Work hard.”


Thank you, Sister Mei.”

Qiao Mei was very satisfied with Su Bei.

As a manager, she only trusted her own eyes and did not care about the rumors.

After seeing Su Bei in person, she knew that Su Bei was an artiste worth investing in.

The entertainment industry was all about being rewarded for ones hard work, and that required a natural foundation.

Su Bei was the type who was gifted by the heavens.

Qiao Mei had seen many people, so she knew about the importance of talent.

According to her experience, Su Bei had probably never gone under the knife.

She would be able to make micro-expressions, and the road ahead of her as an actress would be even wider.

“I heard that you came to Di Xing Media Company because you want to develop your career as an actor” Qiao Mei was a very straightforward person.

Su Bei liked this kind of directness.

If they wanted to work together, they had to be honest.

Otherwise, how could there be a basis for cooperation

She nodded.

“Yes, I want to develop as an actress.”

When she first entered the entertainment industry, many directors in America had taken a fancy to Su Bei and wanted her to join their cast.

However, at that time, she had to take care of Da Bao.

Later on, she was misdiagnosed with gastric cancer.

Hence, she had no choice but to choose the modeling industry that was relatively suitable for her schedule as she could take breaks on and off.

Since these unfavorable factors no longer existed, she naturally didnt have to worry about any obstacles in her path of acting.

“Ill show you some scripts very soon.

You can prepare yourself first.” Qiao Mei settled work matters in a few words.

“Su Bei, I hope that youll train your acting skills and do justice to these good scripts.”

Su Beis first movie had yet to be released.

It was normal for the public to doubt her acting skills.

Su Bei did not feel that she had reached a point where she did not need to work hard.

She smiled and said, “I understand, Sister Mei.

Ill learn more now that Ive joined Di Xing Media Company.”

Qiao Mei liked her humble attitude.

Li Qisheng, on the other hand, was scared out of his wits.

He wanted to remind Qiao Mei that this was Mrs.

Lu, but he also knew that he couldnt reveal Su Beis true identity.

Seeing that they were almost done chatting, Li Qisheng interrupted, “Alright, weve already agreed on work matters.

Lets stop for now.

Qiao Mei, bring the scripts over as soon as possible.

Ill get someone to bring Su Bei around the company.”

Although he said he would get someone to bring Su Bei around, he would accompany Su Bei to tour the company himself.

He did not dare to announce Su Beis identity but did not dare to neglect her.

Su Bei remembered that Lu Heting had said that Li Qisheng was one of his people, so she knew that he knew about her and Lu Heting.

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