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This name had always been in everyones minds.

Each time it was mentioned, they couldnt help but think of the man repeatedly.

They had never dared to casually mention this name.

Now that his real person had appeared in front of everyone, they were slightly shocked.

However, after a moment, everyone quietened down.

It was hard to imagine that Mr.

Lu was so young yet had such an imposing aura.

However, once they thought about it, they felt that it was only right.

It was as if that god-like name should be matched by such a god-like figure.

Everyone greeted him, even though they knew that he wouldnt be able to hear all of them from where he was standing.

Jia Shiyun and Tian Jinnuo also walked in.

If they had made their entrance on any other occasion, it would have probably caused a huge commotion among those present.

However, when Jia Shiyun really walked past Lu Heting, everyone realized that in front of Mr.

Lu, Jia Shiyun was too vulgar.

Jia Shiyun, who usually looked so glamorous and was one of the most beautiful women in the entertainment industry, was crushed just like that.

Thus, no one thought that this banquet was actually being held for Jia Shiyun.

This was because the difference between the two of them was simply too great.

Jia Shiyun was originally full of confidence when she walked in, but when she came in, she could already clearly see Su Beis name on the banner.

The two big words were hanging high above her!

‘Su Beis signing ceremony. Once this thought entered her mind, Jia Shiyuns face almost turned green.

The others also looked at her with sympathy in their eyes.

Jia Shiyuns fingers were tightly gripping her gown to keep herself from falling.

Once again, Jia Shiyun was mercilessly beaten up.

When she thought of how many people had complimented her just now, she felt so ashamed that she couldnt show her face.

At this moment, Li Qisheng was announcing that Su Bei had joined Di Xing Media Company.

Lu Weijians arrival obviously made this matter even more eye-catching.

He went on stage and gave a few congratulatory words, smiling brightly as he spoke to Su Bei.

Lu Heting, on the other hand, sat in the front row and did not greet Su Bei.

He only looked at Su Bei with a calm gaze.

His expression was calm, and no emotions could be seen.

However, it was enough for people to speculate.

However, most people guessed that Lu Weijian was courting Su Bei.

He called herSister Bei Bei so sweetly.

On the other hand, most people were speculating that Mr.

Lu was here to support Lu Weijian.

Perhaps, it was because the entertainment industry had been too popular in recent years that Lu Group was planning to maximize their profits.

No one linked Su Bei and Lu Heting together because the whole time, they barely even met each others eyes.

Jia Shiyun finally calmed down a little.

At least, Mr.

Lu wasnt here for Su Bei.

Even if he didnt come for her, as long as he didnt come for anyone else, it was enough to make her feel better.

Su Beis signing ceremony was very simple.

Lu Heting left not long after.

There were too many gazes directed at him.

Most of them came from the female artistes of Di Xing Media Company who were used to seducing people with their eyes.

Although he didnt care, he had to think about whether Su Bei minded it or not.

The best way to avoid attracting bees and butterflies was to stay away from bees and butterflies.

After Lu Heting left, the atmosphere returned to normal.

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