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Jia Shiyun had a bashful look on her face as she walked over leisurely with the determination to suppress everyone present.

She and Tian Jinnuo were walking toward the banquet hall when they saw Lu Weijian walking over with Li Qisheng leading a few higher-ups from Di Xing Media Company!

The man next to Lu Weijian was very eye-catching.

He had broad shoulders and long legs.

He was dressed in a dark-colored suit.

The tailored clothes were wrapped around his perfect figure, showing off his figure.

The man walked forward, each step seemingly carrying a great force.

Lu Weijian was one of the most handsome men in the circle, and Li Qisheng was also famous for his charisma.

However, next to this man, the two could only become his followers.

Jia Shiyun and Tian Jinnuo immediately guessed that this man was Mr.


He wasnt as big-bellied as the rumors said, nor was he 45 years old.

He had outstanding looks and a tall figure.

Even if the best actor in the entertainment industry stood beside him, he would probably be inferior.


Lu, Mr.

Lu.” Tian Jinnuo softly reminded Jia Shiyun.

How could Jia Shiyun not know It was just that she still maintained her aloofness.

How could she be as frivolous as other women and reveal her adoration

Lu Weijian whispered something to Lu Heting as he walked.

Li Qisheng reported to Lu Heting with a beaming face and welcomed him in.

When Jia Shiyun saw that Lu Heting was about to walk to her side, she was so nervous that she held her breath and was speechless.

When Lu Heting walked over, she hurriedly stopped in her tracks.

Her voice was like the chirping of a bird.

“Hello, Mr.


Lu Heting had always been used to seeing people around him greet him.

He didnt stop in his tracks, nor did he even turn his gaze.

He strode past Jia Shiyun and walked inside.

Jia Shiyun immediately felt that Lu Heting was ignoring her completely.

Her face instantly turned pale.

Tian Jinnuo hurriedly supported her.

“Shiyun, its alright.


Lu just went in.

Well follow him in.”

Jia Shiyun also comforted herself in her heart.

Everything would be alright.

Li Qisheng guessed that Mr.

Lu probably didnt want to expose his affair in front of Mrs.

Lu, so he didnt even look at Jia Shiyun.

However, Li Qisheng didnt have time to think too much about it.

All he wanted to do now was to serve the man beside him.

He ran to Lu Hetings side and welcomed him in.

Su Bei was politely chatting with someone when everyone heard footsteps approaching and looked in the direction of the sound.

The first man they saw was Lu Heting, even though he wasnt the one in the lead.

With his overwhelming height and imposing manner, he seized the crowds line of sight, allowing them to only see him and not anyone else.

Then, many people held their breaths.

This man was much better looking, more perfect, and more imposing than anyone they had ever seen in this industry!

When Su Bei saw Lu Heting appear, the smile on her face could not help but brighten.

It was just not convenient for her to go over directly.

Otherwise, she would have thrown herself into his arms.

He was really too handsome today!

“Everyone, Mr.

Lu and Mr.

Weijian are here,” Li Qisheng simply announced.

However, his words were like salt in boiling oil, stirring up countless waves.

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