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However, no matter how excited she was, it didnt mean anything.

If it werent for his sister-in-law, would his elder brother even have the idea of stepping into this place

Lu Weijian went back to his work.

Jia Shiyun pretended to be calm, but in reality, she could no longer suppress her emotions.

Tian Jinnuo went to pour a cup of hot water for her and let her drink it.

Only then did she manage to calm her emotions.

At this moment, Lu Weijian received a call.

“My brother is here.

Manager Li, take over the arrangements here.”

Li Qisheng immediately went to hang the welcome banner for Su Bei.

Jia Shiyun had the best chance to see it now, but she was too excited.

She and Tian Jinnuo planned to be reserved, so they walked out first and temporarily avoided the venue.

The first person to enter was Su Bei, accompanied by Xiao Bai.

Xiao Bai was her assistant at Sheng Tang Entertainment and had followed her here.

A manager had a contract with the company, so it would be difficult for them to leave.

However, an assistant was just an ordinary employee.

They just had to resign normally.

Su Bei was used to being with Xiao Bai.

She didnt know if Xiao Bai would be implicated in this fight with Tang Yue, so she had asked Xiao Bai if she wanted to come with her.

Xiao Bai readily agreed to follow her.

Su Bei was naturally willing to let her continue working by her side.

Even if Di Xing Media Company didnt hire her, Su Bei would have no problem hiring Xiao Bai herself.

When everyone saw Su Bei coming over, they couldnt help looking over.

The first thing that entered everyones line of sight was her tall and graceful figure.

Then, everyone finally saw her face clearly.

On her palm-sized exquisite face, her facial features were well-defined.

Her eyes reminded one of the calm waters in the autumn.

She was exceptionally dazzling.

“Isnt Su Bei from Sheng Tang Entertainment”

“Are you stupid She has terminated her contract with Sheng Tang Entertainment.”

“Doesnt that mean that the person Manager Li is welcoming today is Su Bei”

“Su Bei is going to sign with Di Xing Media Company”

Many people immediately realized that Su Bei was about to join the company.

So this luxurious event that Manager Li prepared was for Su Bei

Most people had only seen Su Bei on stage.

Now that they saw her in person, they knew what it meant to be peerless.

Even though they were in the same circle, they still felt like they were being crushed.

Su Bei was wearing a simple light blue dress that did not seem too exaggerated and flamboyant.

It also perfectly accentuated her figure.

Li Qisheng stepped out and said with a smile, “Everyone, this is Su Bei.

Today, were holding Su Beis signing and welcoming ceremony.

From now on, Su Bei will be a part of Di Xing Media Company.”

“I seek your guidance in the future.” Su Bei smiled at everyone and politely nodded.

Li Qisheng welcomed Su Bei in, and everyone followed them.

Many people were secretly shaking their heads at their wrong guesses earlier.

They originally thought that todays banquet was to celebrate Jia Shiyuns birthday, but they didnt expect it to be for Su Bei.

At this moment, Jia Shiyun also felt that she had calmed down.

She and Tian Jinnuo had walked out of the venue together.

Hence, they still didnt know that Su Bei had already arrived, nor did they know that the banner welcoming Su Bei had been hung.

They were still looking forward to Mr.

Lus arrival.

Jia Shiyun touched up her makeup again.

This time, it was even more exquisite.

There was not a single flaw on her face.

The dress on her body was also a high-end brand from the latest style this year.

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