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“Really” Jia Shiyuns face heated up.

Lu Weijian had already given her enough face by coming over.

Even if Mr.

Lu didnt come today, her face would still be glowing.

After all, it had been so many years.

When had Lu Groups higher-ups ever attended anyones birthday party

Tian Jinnuos smile was sincere, and she was also happy with Jia Shiyun.

Jia Shiyun was valued, and as her manager, she naturally felt proud as well.

In any case, this was a glorious and honorable matter.

She believed that her career would also shine together with Jia Shiyuns.

Jia Shiyun couldnt stay in the office any longer.

Since Lu Weijian had come, she had to receive him personally.

She said to Tian Jinnuo, “Lets go.

Lets go take a look at Mr.

Weijian and greet him.”

If she wanted to join the Lu family in the future, she had to build a good relationship with Lu Weijian.

Lu Weijian and Li Qisheng were making the final arrangements.

The former pointed at the things in the venue and said, “This isnt right.

We need to change it.

We need to rearrange this too.”

When Li Qisheng heard him mention something, he immediately got people to fix it.

Since Mr.

Lu was coming today, he didnt dare to neglect even the slightest detail.

“Welcome, Mr.


Pardon me for not coming out to meet you earlier.” Jia Shiyun walked in with Tian Jinnuo.

Her figure was graceful as she walked toward Lu Weijian.

Lu Weijian smiled.

“Miss Jia, you must be joking.

Therell be many chances in the future.”

After all, Gun Guns heart disease was cured by Wang Juntang, and Jia Shiyun was Wang Juntangs fiancée, so Lu Weijian was rather polite to her.

In the eyes of outsiders, the relationship between the two was extraordinary.

Meanwhile, Jia Shiyun was enjoying herself immensely.

Lu Weijians smile widened when he saw how casual and warm she was.


Weijian, why dont you have a cup of coffee Youve been working hard for a long time.”

“Its fine.

Im doing what I should do.

After all, my brother entrusted this task to me.” Weijian smiled.

Now that Lu Heting and Su Bei had revealed their identities, Lu Weijian didnt have to hide the fact that Mr.

Lu was his elder brother anymore.

“Elder brother” Jia Shiyuns heart skipped a beat as she guessed something.

When Li Qisheng saw that Lu Weijian wasnt hiding anything from Jia Shiyun, he explained, “Mr.

Lu is Mr.

Weijians elder brother.


Lu is also coming over today.”

These words were like a bomb that had exploded in her heart.


Lu was Mr.

Weijians elder brother


Weijians official information stated that he was about 24 years old.

He was very young, so the man who was his elder brother must be very young as well.

Jia Shiyun quickly calculated Old Master Lus age.

Although there was no official information about his age, she had heard that he was probably in his early 70s.

Therefore, Mr.

Lu might not be more than 30 years old.

At the thought of this, Jia Shiyun was extremely excited.

She quickly glanced at Tian Jinnuo, who seemed to be calculating this information as well.

She also looked at Jia Shiyun eagerly, secretly rejoicing that Mr.

Lu was such a young and promising man!

Furthermore, Mr.

Lu was coming over today!

In other words, Jia Shiyuns beautiful dream was about to come true.

Lu Weijian looked at Jia Shiyun curiously.

Why was this woman suddenly so excited

Wait, that was right.

Who wouldnt love a wise and powerful man like his elder brother It was reasonable for this woman to be excited.

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