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Everyone did not know that this was a welcoming ceremony, so they were guessing what was going on.

“I wonder what theyre celebrating Manager Li is becoming more and more mysterious.”

“Thats right.

This setup is really eye-catching.

Did you guys see it Even those roses were imported from overseas.

I heard that they were flown over in the morning and sent over in luxury cars.”

“Could it be to celebrate the Best Actors new movie But the celebration party was held last month.”

Everyone discussed it animatedly, but they were still unable to figure it out.

However, there was a consensus: “Di Xing Media Company is becoming more and more valued by Lu Group.

Have you guys realized that previously, the higher-ups didnt care about Di Xing Media Company at all Now, whether its Mr.

Weijian or Mr.

Lu, theyre both asking about Di Xing Media Company.”

“Therefore, everyone must seize this opportunity to perform well.

This is a great opportunity for everyone to develop.”

Everyone was discussing when someone suddenly said, “Hey, do you guys remember that today is Jia Shiyuns birthday”

“Yes, thats right.

If you didnt mention it, I would have forgotten.

Today is Sister Shiyuns birthday.

Could Manager Li have prepared this for Sister Shiyun”

“Thats possible.

Speaking of which, Sister Shiyun is also one of the most highly regarded female celebrities in Di Xing Media Company.

Its highly possible that the company wants to celebrate her birthday for her.

It just so happens that shes free at this time of the year.

It makes sense for her to spend some time in the company after being on production sets for so long.”

Everyone nodded, thinking that they had guessed correctly.

Jia Shiyun sat in her office.

Her manager, Tian Junnuo, had the same guess like everyone else.

“Shiyun, todays celebration is definitely for you.

No wonder the place was decorated so extravagantly.”

Jia Shiyun had actually been thinking about this matter for a long time.

In order to confirm her relationship with Mr.

Lu, she had even called off the engagement with her own fiancé.

Back then, she sent a text message to Wang Juntang about the breakup.

After seeing Wang Juntang, she confirmed this matter again until she was sure that Wang Juntang would not look for her anymore.

Actually, Wang Juntang could be considered a good candidate for a husband.

However, he was still far from Mr.


Jia Shiyuns heart was completely locked onto Mr.


Luckily, she hadnt been waiting in vain.

Li Qisheng had arranged such a luxurious event this time.

She could tell that the company and Mr.

Lu cared about her.

Jia Shiyun sat on the chair and smiled charmingly as she seriously touched up her makeup.

“Go and find out who will be coming today.”

Tian Junnuo immediately went out to ask around.

Jia Shiyuns heart was filled with longing as she looked at her own face in the mirror.

Her face could still be considered youthful and in the prime of her youth.

However, she couldnt afford to wait too long.

Women were always prone to aging.

So, how long did Mr.

Lu want her to wait

She believed that she had already passed Mr.

Lus test.

After being in the industry for so long, she had kept herself clean and worked hard.

She had already done the best she could.

She had even broken off her engagement with Wang Juntang and was only waiting for him to take the final step.

But what was Mr.

Lu thinking

Just as she was thinking about this, Tian Junnuo rushed in enthusiastically and said, “Shiyun, Mr.

Weijian is here.

Hes looking at the venue with Manager Li.”

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