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Only Jin Xiu valued her as usual, but Su Bei had worn the cheongsam many times.

Moreover, tomorrow was the signing ceremony, so wearing a cheongsam was not suitable.

Just as she was thinking about which outfit to wear, the door opened and she heard a servant shouting, “Young Master is back.”

Because the expansion took place over two floors, the apartment unit was no longer the size of three bedrooms and one living room.

Aunt Chen would not be able to handle everything by herself, so Lu Heting sent many servants over from Lu Hu International Villa, including the butler.

Therefore, Lu Hu International Villa was temporarily vacant.

Lu Heting practically lived here.

He entered and handed his coat to the butler.

Su Beis door was open, and she heard him coming up from downstairs.

Following him were the footsteps of several people.

Su Bei looked around and saw him leading a few people upstairs.

Those people put down their things and left respectfully.

Lu Heting walked toward Su Bei and saw that she was looking for clothes.

She seemed to be troubled about the matter of her clothes, and his eyes sized her up.

In fact, Su Bei looked good in anything.

She had a good figure and a small face.

No matter what she wore, it would bring out the special characteristics of the clothes and give her a unique charm.

“What are you wearing tomorrow” The mans voice was low.

Actually, when he looked at her, he was thinking that clothes were actually quite a hindrance.

He would rather she not wear them.

“I havent chosen yet.” Su Bei looked at the sets of clothes.” Which one do you think looks good”

Lu Heting chuckled.

“Theyre all good-looking, but theyre in the way.”

“Im asking you something serious.” Su Bei lightly hit him.

Lu Heting held her finger and caressed it gently.


Lu, youre troubled over what to wear.

It must be because I didnt do a good enough job and didnt buy enough clothes for you.”

Su Bei laughed out loud.

“If I dont have enough clothes, then other people must be really shabby.

I just feel that everything is too luxurious and branded.

Theyre not suitable for the occasion.”

Ever since Lu Heting exposed his identity, he no longer held back in spending money on Su Bei.

He picked out all the good clothes, jewelry, and other things for her as if to make up for all the things he couldnt do when he was still hiding his identity from her.

However, Su Beis words made sense.

She was just joining Di Xing Media Company, so she couldnt dress too extravagantly to avoid attracting too much attention.

So, Lu Heting turned around and opened the box that the few people had brought over.

He took out the dress inside and placed it in front of Su Bei.

“Its new.

Theres no brand, and it suits your style.

Take a look.”

Su Bei looked at it and saw that it was very exquisite.

The colors were bright and eye-catching, and the tailoring was clean and neat.

The design was also very novel, making people unable to bear to tear their eyes off it.

Moreover, there were no labels or logos at all.

Even if it was a little eye-catching, there was no need to worry about others speculating about the price or brand.

Lu Heting had considered all the things she wanted and was worried about.

“Then Ill try this light blue one first.” Su Beis eyes sparkled as she reached out to pick it up.

Lu Heting held her hand, his eyes reflecting the womans beautiful face.

“Lets do something else first.”

Li Qisheng had arranged the welcome ceremony very grandly.

It had already attracted many speculations and discussions from the employees of Di Xing Media Company.

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