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The initially peaceful termination of the contract suddenly turned into a bloody battle.

Tang Yue did not have many fans, so how could she beat Su Beis fans She was scolded badly and could not work for days.

After Tang Xinru found out, she only said indifferently, “She asked for it.”

Tang Yue returned home and complained, but Old Master Tang had long seen through her.

He only said, “The fans are all irrational.

You dont have to stoop to their level.”

Tang Jianming had the intention to help but was helpless.

Lin Shulian, on the other hand, really felt sorry for Tang Yue.

She complained about Su Bei and said, “Alright, Su Bei was indeed in the wrong.

Fortunately, she has already left the company.

You dont have to work with her anymore.

Forget about the past.”

Tang Yue bit her lip.

Her mothers words made sense.

No matter what the outcome of this conflict was, it would not be easy for Su Bei to find another company that was better than Sheng Tang Entertainment.

She would just wait to see Su Bei make a fool of herself!

What satisfied her the most was that Su Bei would no longer be in Sheng Tang.

She would have fewer chances to return to the Tang family.

The things she wanted, the love of her parents and grandfather—were now hers again.

She had once again become the little princess of the entire family.

No one would snatch everything from her.

Su Bei had left Sheng Tang Entertainment and was about to publicize the news of her joining Di Xing Media Company.

The general manager, Li Qisheng, did not dare to be negligent.

He had already begun making preparations a few days ago.

He had to make all the necessary arrangements.

Moreover, the matter of Su Bei joining Di Xing Media Company was both grand and low-profile.

It could not be announced in advance, so when everyone saw how busy Li Qisheng was, they only knew that he was preparing for an important event.

However, they did not know the details.

Li Qisheng took a photo of the entire arrangement for Lu Heting to take a look at.

After looking at it seriously, Lu Heting pointed out two things and asked, “Whos the manager assigned to Su Bei”

“Its Qiao Mei.

Shes shrewish on the outside but gentle on the inside.

Shes also a woman.” Li Qisheng had a headache when he was choosing Su Beis manager.

The male managers were all eliminated.

Among the women, he had to choose one with tricks and who would be good to Su Bei.

It was simply a headache.

“Alright.” Lu Heting agreed.

Since Su Bei was joining the company, he had to give her the best.

“The welcoming ceremony will be held tomorrow, so Mr.

Lu…” Li Qisheng asked Lu Heting if he would be there.

“Yes,” Lu Heting said straightforwardly.

Li Qisheng immediately understood.

Then, he would have to spend more effort on tomorrows arrangements.

This was Mr.

Lus first time coming to Di Xing Media Company!

This was a grand event! It was a good opportunity for Mr.

Lu to see that Di Xing Media Company was doing well in his hands.

All these years, Lu Group had not placed much importance on the development of the entertainment industry.

It was also dispensable for projects in the entertainment industry.

If it were not for the fact that Lu Weijian liked to dabble in games and needed the support of the entertainment industry to provide him with support, Li Qisheng would not have been able to enjoy his current position.

Li Qisheng was elated when he thought of how much Mr.

Lu valued Di Xing Media Company.

Su Bei was also making preparations at home.

Due to her lack of popularity recently, there were basically no big brands who wanted to offer her clothes.

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